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You are doing exactly what you should be doing right now...

Are you wondering whether you should be setting a resolution right now?

That depends.

Choosing a resolution from a place of "should" is based in shame. Resolutions set from this energetic space will always lead to profound disappointment as they are born out of the belief that you need to do, be, achieve, or receive more in order to be deemed worthy.

You'll catch more success with desire.

Instead of punishing yourself into a resolution this year, choose to move only and when your desire speaks to you. But when she speaks, listen closely, document her every word, vibration, feeling, energy, vision and then allow her to take over your body. She is the boss from now on, not social media, not shame >>>> just the woman inside you who arrives the exact moment your desire does.

Less seeking resolution, more tuning into desire.

She's harder to hear if she has been silenced by people-pleasing. Allow yourself to travel back in time to time in which you let yourself dream without rules.

What would you dream of having?

How would you feel?

What would that be like for you?

What would be different?

Why would that matter?

What else?

I've been getting so many requests for this...

Many of you have reached out in concern. I am currently resting, recharging, and realigning to the brand new women I am becoming. 2021 will be a massive shift for me in every areas of my life. I am taking the most Bad Bitch action I've ever taken in my life. I am preparing myself for our work. Do not fear, there will be an opportunity to work with me in January 2021 but it will arrive when it's in alignment - and it will most certainly be worth the wait.

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