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Worthy Woman Guided Meditation with Theta Waves

I am the kind of woman who used to feel more comfortable giving more than I received.

For a time, this served me well.

It kept me safe.

It kept things quiet.

Less friction.

Which is what I needed then.

I am now the kind of woman who has decided it gets to be different.

I want to be heard.

I want to be seen.

I deserve to be heard.

I deserve to be seen.

I no longer want my life to operate as it once did.

I’ve decided I’m different now.

I’ve decided I can work to receive without guilt.

I’ve decided to let it melt away - when it comes up - I will breathe through the feeling.

I will step outside of the thought that no longer serves me.

I am now a woman of abundance.

I know what I want.

I know how I want it.

There is no a goddamn thing wrong with that.

This is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Life gets to get really good.

I’m coming for it

Right now... in this moment

I am embodying this new version of myself, the one who gets what she wants.

The worthy woman inside me.

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