What They Don't Tell You About Self-care

Would you consider yourself a nurturer? Do you love to show people how much you care?

When I was growing up I was told things like, “You sacrifice for the people you love”.

My love language is Acts of service. So doing for others is my jam. Even if I hate them for it.

The problem is, you may be doing things for other people even when you are:

  • too busy

  • overwhelmed

  • feeling like you are “supposed to" rather than "want to"

  • feeling guilty

But you do it anyway, and you are resentful.

This is no good for anyone.

You might even think things like, “It’s never enough”.

“Why can’t they just be happy?"

You feel like you are not giving enough, yet you have no more to give.

You feel like it is your job to make other people happy. You do for others even when you don't want to.

What little time you do have for self-care you spend taking a bubble bath, sleeping or reading, but what if self-care is doing for yourself even when you don't want to?

I'm talking taking care of yourself in other ways like:

  • Shopping for, preparing, eating healthy food

  • Strength training

  • Walking

  • Organizing your living space

  • Paying off the last of those medical bills hanging over your head.

Maybe self- care IS working harder! Just not harder for other people. Harder for yourself.



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