The Real Truth About My Weight Loss Journey...

I mis-remembered the events + I thought you should know because it's important for you to understand this.

The mind has this way of compressing time.

I've told + retold my weight loss story 'bout a million times.

Every time, the story starts on the day I decided to hire a personal trainer...


Upon reflection, I realize that my weight loss journey started YEARS before + during that time I never lost one goddamn pound. NOT ONE.

>> Because for YEARS I "talked" to myself about losing weight.

>> For YEARS I expressed my "displeasure" with myself.

>> For YEARS I would say, "I know. I know. Soon. Just not right now".

While those were hands down the most painful years of my life, they were very important in my journey.

Those YEARS are called the contemplation time.

We all need a contemplation time.

I want you to imagine that you are carrying a 5 pound bag of flour + every time you think about losing weight or you re-remember thoughts like, "god, I'm hating myself right now", I want you to add another sack of flour to your arms.

Each and every time you have one of those sticky thoughts that hit you in the gut, add another sack to your stack.

There you are, balancing the weight of your thoughts, the world's most uncomfortable circus act. It's inhumane + the worst part is, it's self-imposed.

-- THAT is contemplation time + we must do this to ourselves. --

You know you are ready when the pain of carrying those sacks is greater than the discomfort + unease of change.

THAT is when real weight loss can begin.

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XO, Melissa

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