The Positivity Trap with Valerie Friedlander

"No no really! I love the holidays. The holidays are my favorite. I've got a candy cane shooting out of my butt," says Social Media Sally,but Sally also hurts when she is forced to split Christmas morning parenting time with her jerk ex-husband. She wishes things were the way the used to be when the kids were little and everyone wore matching pajamas, but they're not and it sucks.

So why does Social Media Sally sprinkle gum drops and sugar cookies on her Facebook wall? Because she doesn't want address her sadness for fear of being judged or worse, seen as a Christmas hating b*tch. And so Sally smiles but deep down inside she could use a hand in healing this area of her life and Valerie Friedlander is going to start her on the journey! Join us as The Unlimited Mom breaks down The Positivity Trap and what the heck to do about it.

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