The Deadliest Diet Mistakes to Avoid

I know you think you know what to eat in order to lose weight.

I know you think it's solely a matter of willpower + that you must not be strong enough.​

But, + I mean this with love, you have no clue what you are talking about.

Ha, did I catch you off guard?

Well listen up sister, because it's the f*cking truth. 98% of you are dead wrong.

When it comes to weight loss,  what you think you know is the exact thing that is holding you back.

This IS NOT your fault, rather it's the bullsheight that's been sold to you over your lifetime of weight loss struggles.

I see it every single time I take on a new private client.

I take a look at their food diary + they are almost always eating the wrong things.

The same people who tell me they know what to eat in order to  lose weight are the same people telling me "I just don't get why I can't lose weight".

I get it.

I can clearly see it right there in black + white.

Their food choices, their meal timing, their exercise, it's all wrong.

I also see what they aren't logging. I see their denial. I know. I always know.

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The tough love is this...

You if could have done it by yourself by now, you would have done it by yourself by now. 

If you were being honest with yourself, you do want a solution.

You question what you "know".

Now that you think about it, maybe you aren't sure you should be this hungry all the time.

"How much cardio should I be doing anyways?"

You think "weight loss shouldn't be this hard" + that, you are right about.

 You want to lose weight easily

 You want a goddamn solid plan

 You want to know what to eat + when to eat it.

 You want a fitness program designed for women like you

 + I want to give you my support for the next 30 days + help you lose your first 10 lbs. 

So this is perfect. Let's do this!

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