The Booty Growing Machine You Need for 2019

Lovely Lady Lumps.

Lots of women tell me that I've got a great bootie. I take this an a huge compliment because good genes didn't give me my junk in the trunk, consistent strength training did.

The equipment.

I know you clicked on this blog post because of this silly-ass machine <------ pun intended BUTT this $200 piece of "equipment" is NOT going to give you the bootie your heart desires. This sad excuse for a workout is sold by Khloe Kardashian. So yeah you guys, this machine didn't give Khloe her butt either, a doctor did. How do I know this?

Point #1: Squats do NOT grow your butt.

Those "I Squat for this Bootie" gym tank tops have been lying to you! While you can build muscle with squats, you aren't isolating your glutes (your butt). That means you will also grow your thighs and calf muscles when you squat...which is good...but we are talking about targeting a specific area that we want to ... let's say .... enhance.

Think of it like this, the squat is your sweater and leggings, glute isolation exercises are your necklace and knee-high boots. They complete the outfit.

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Point #2: This Machine Isn't Really a Squat Anyways.

If this squatting machine appealed to you because you are a beginner, know that you are far better off squatting with no weights while you have a chair behind you for moral support. You can do that right now for zero dollars.

There is so much that is happening when you squat with no weight or dumbbells that this machine isn't offering you. When done right, you will be engaging your core, pushing your shoulder blades down and back improving posture, improving balance, increasing ankle mobility, and muscle recruitment patterns.

If not that machine, then what?

Snatch a set of these dumbbells off of Amazon by clicking here. I know these aren't "OMG so cute" like the pink ones, but these are half the price #pinktax. Go basic sister. This is all you need to grow your bootie and then some. You're welcome, I just saved you $170 and heartache.

What to do with those weights.....

10 Minute Workout that Actually

Targets Your Bootie

Fire Hydrant Raises

2 sets of 15 each side

Position 1

Position 2

Bench Step Ups

*no weight, focus on not shifting your weight, squeeze at the top

2 set of 12 each side

Position 1

Position 2

Glute Bridge

2 sets of 15

Position 1

Position 2

Romanian Deadlift

2 sets of 12

Position 1

Position 2

Good Mornings

2 sets 12

Position 1

Position 2

Bottom Line:

If it's a trend, it's probably garbage and will end up costing more. Stick with the basics because the basics work!


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