Saying Goodbye to The Honest Weigh

You may have already heard on the podcast, but change is coming.

With a we-bitty tear in my eye, I am saying goodbye to The Honest Weigh effective immediately.

OMGawd, did I scare you?

I'm not shutting this love bus down. We are just getting started!

I am transitioning to a personal brand.

Meaning, from this day forth my business will be known as Melissa Ronda.

I am still your favorite weight loss coach, podcaster, + all around Bad Bitch. Don't you worry.


As it rightfully should, the Bad Bitches Losing Weight Podcast continues to grow at a ✨ rapid rate ✨ .... I whoa ✨ rapid rate ✨ :

1. We will be partnering up with worthy brands to bring you special offers;

2. I will be featured in media; and

3. We will be bringing in podcast guests that are certified Bad Bitches

What WE know...

While you + I know that being a Bad Bitch is a feminist movement meant to empower women to show up as their lean, sexy, + high-functioning selves, other people might not understand that without getting to know me first.

So the best solution is for me to take the lead, drop the company name, + show up as Motherf*cking Melissa F*cking Ronda.



Any questions, please feel free to email: (don't worry, we will still receive emails at this address)

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