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Relax & allow everything to come together...

RELAX & allow everything to come together.

If it has been placed on our hearts, it's meant to be.

Perhaps not the way we thought

Or with who we thought

Or how we thought or even when

But nevertheless, when we say "yes" to The Knowing, it will indeed come together.

The discomfort comes in when we try to control the coming-togetherness. Jamming people, situations & timelines into our desire box because of impatience & fear.

BUT, when we allow it to come to us, it will come. And when it does, when we are choosing...





& choosing to let The Knowing be the guide....

THEN everything will come together with more ease, joy, and childlike delight - like a pleasure-fueled locomotive. A living movie. Magic. Destiny. A miracle.

And this & that

And that & this will collaborate on our behalf, magnetic attraction. Fate.

It's a lot trickier than you might think, the allowing of it all. Most people get it ALL WRONG.

We can't wait for sufficient evidence that our desires are already in the works.

We must know this as a universal fact, not something to be argued, negotiated on, or set aside like a beautiful dress we believe we will never get to wear....just laying there, all sparkly, slinky and devastatingly just outside of our reach.

We must Believe it NOW in order to Receive & Achieve our desires.

We must Believe it as FACT, as orders from above, because that’s exactly what our desires are.

We must Believe FIRST, Believe is DAILY, & Believe it UNCONDITIONALLY.

Then, and only then, we will Receive & Achieve it all.

And we will giggle at the beauty of everything coming together.

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