Motivation vs. Determination

She is so motivated! I wish I was like that!

I've been asked, "How do you stay so motivated?", and here is the truth....I'm not. I don't always do the things I want to do when I want to do them. Sometimes I don't want to workout, but I do it anyways because I've learned that I know I will feel better post workout.

But that feels easy to say, but more complicated to implement. You don't know what determination feels like until you've fought through and did the thing. So today I'm going to help you put some systems in place that will help create determination. For this example I will talk you through how you might create an exercise routine of 3 days per week.

Step 1: Set an alarm

Have an alarm go off every Sunday night when you know you won't be busy with the kids or whatever. Label this alarm, "Plan exercise".

One day the feeling of successfully completing something when you didn't want to will eventually outweigh your desire to not workout.

Step 2: Honor to Cue

When the alarm goes off stop what you are doing. If you need to snooze the alarm once, you can do that, but don't turn it off.

Using your Google calendar or paper calendar, look at the week ahead. Find 3 times slots that you can fit in your workout no matter what. Fill in those time slots and label it, "Workout" or even something fun like, "Time to Be a Badass". Make sure you have the notification setting on so that your phone will remind you 30 minutes before your scheduled workout.

Step 3: Do the Thing

No matter what, when the notification goes off you do your workout. This doesn't have to be your best workout. It could be your worst, if doesn't matter. Just show up. That's the hardest part.

Step 4: Keep a Tally

After your workout, change the color of the workout time slot to a new color. With Google calendar this is super easy. Pick a fun color! After every workout change the color. This way when you are having a rough day you can look at your phone and show yourself physical proof that you do in fact have determination. The proof is in the pudding. Look at how many times you did you workout - you rock star you!

Step 5: Reward Yourself

There are several ways to reward yourself. For this example I would recommend a special healthy meal or snack post workout. This special treat should only be reserved for when you complete your workout. Also, make sure it is something that is going to nourish you and not undo all your hard work.


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