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Life is simply too short for anything less...

I think you will agree that 2021 is the year of....

  • boundless pleasure

  • desires quenched and quenched again

  • quality and simplicity

  • inner peace

  • dripping in luxuries of life

  • on purpose

  • because we ARE not because of what we DO FOR OTHERS

  • women in flow

  • making it easy

  • with soft open hearts

  • tender happy tears

  • marinating in life's goodness and beauty

  • presence

Yes? Yes.

Behind the scenes, I have been processing the most painful decision I've had to make in my life thus far. If you've felt me pull back energetically, that's why.

For two months I've "hermitted" myself. I've spent countless hours meditating and journaling. Numerous books were consumed fireside, pages dog-eared and covered in yellow highlighter and pencil.

There have been hours upon hours upon hours upon hours upon hours spent in reflection.

All of which has brought me to the utter and complete conclusion that...

life is not only meant to be good, it's meant to be good good - and in all areas.

Not just career

Not just these bodies we live in

Not just our friendships

or relationships

or security

or spiritual health

All areas - all good good - all the damn time.

Life is simply too short for anything less.

And when situations make it hard for me to love others and love myself, fear festers and mutates into resentment. That's the opposite of good good. That's no good at all.

While on the quest to find the guts to take action towards a good good life, I've surprisingly leaned into the crossroad where psychology, spirituality, and Christianity meet. They have a lot more in common than you might think.

It's no surprise to my long-time listeners that Christmas is a painful time of year for me. I used to think it was because I mourned the loss of the family I never really had.

But I've come to learn that I was not mourning the family I wished I had. I was mourning a less than good good life I was living and at the end of every calendar year, I received a painful reminder that I was out of alignment with my truest self.

I was mourning was the woman I wasn't allowing myself to be.

Mary, the symbol of feminine power, was given the task of saying yes to spirit and headed towards the North Star.

This year I'm saying yes to spirit - yes to myself - and yes to a good good life and I'm heading in that direction now.

A reminder, in case you happened to forget for one tiny moment....

you are a radically worthy woman who deserves anything and everything spirit pulls you towards [and even away from].

The tug on your heart is real.

You are designed for more.

Life is meant to be magical, mystical, and exceptionally beautiful.

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