Cut the shit + get what you really want.

Let's cut the shit...

You think an Apple Watch will make you happy as you will feel quite sporty like an Instagram Fitness Guru wearing it. You won't.

You think having a Chanel bag will show the world how next-level successful you've become while drawing attention away from the areas in your personal life you've neglected. It doesn't.

​​You think new leggings or new Nikes are just the thing you need to feel consistently motivated to go to the gym. It doesn't last.

The truth is this...

​​we make purchases because what we think the thing says about us + how we think it will make us feel once we obtain it, both wrapped up with that little shot of dopamine from hitting that "Buy Now" button.

+ I'm going to tell you something right now + I mean this w/ love, you've fallen into the pattern of not getting what you REALLY want + taking the consolation prize instead.

Yes, an Apple Watch is a consolation prize when you consider what it's like to be the confident magnetic women who turns heads when ​​​​she walks in the room wearing whatever the fuck she wants + looking great in all of it.

Yes, a Chanel bag is a consolation prize when you know what it's like to feel so comfortable in your skin because you're so proud of the work you've put into yourself.

Yes, LuLus + Nikes are the consolation prize when you take into account the serotonin, endorphins + dopamine pulsing through your body because you choose fitness + food that creates healthy glowing skin + hair.....+ boundaries.

I'm sharing this tough love w/ you today because...​​

​​you also choose the consolation prize because you fear failure. You get easily overwhelmed + the task feels daunting + large. But here is the truth... 

Choosing anything else is simply postponing true happiness.

And last...

+ you don't have to do it alone.

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XO, Melissa

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