How to Stay Motivated

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

When women join my Facebook Community, The Honest Place, I ask them one question....

What is your #1 struggle with regards to weight loss?

Oven 80% of them answer the same thing….they struggle with consistency.

Their motivation runs out and they fall off the wagon.

When they fall, they fall hard!

So today I will teach you How to Stay Motivated.

1. You need to be doing this for the right reasons.

Think about it…. Motive….motivate.

When things get hard, you need to be doing it for the right reasons otherwise you won’t have motivation!!!!

"Weak motive… Weak motivation"

Before we talk about what ARE the right reasons, let’s talk about what’s not:

- your brother’s wedding

- you reunion

- because your husband said something rude to you about your weight

So what are some right?

- you want to feel confident in your skin

- you want to get strong

- you want to increase your energy

- you are sick of feeling like crap

2. A vision.

Use this journaling prompt, I’ll put it in the show notes too:

Describe a very specific moment in time when you reach your goal…

Are you on vacation in Mexico with a high-waisted bikini on with a Mint Mojito in your hand?

Are you reading a book while the kids are in the pool and you are at peace?

Get really clear on this vision.

You know, athletes do this very thing?

It works.

This will be your tool, you happy place to go to when you are struggling or maybe when you are on a walk...or on the stair-master...whatever.

But you go there and you go there daily.

If you are envisioning this while you are getting your steps in,it IS ALREADY HAPPENING…

Allow yourself to feel that way now…. Tap into that!


3. Surround yourself with goal-crushers.

If you want to crush goals you need to surround yourself with people who are crushing goals.

Look at the people around you and ask yourself if they are helping or harming.

Sometimes people we love with try to steer us off course for fears that we will change and won’t need them anymore or we might remind them of what they aren’t doing.

So get yourself some fit friends!

Personally I think to lift weight by myself so I don’t want a gym buddy. For me it’s my religion...partial my therapy. My very un-meditation meditation.

So I didn’t need support there, but I did follow tons of inspiring women on Instagram.

BUT I do prefer the community of Facebook. It's a great way to connect.


4. One day at a time:

It’s seems overwhelming to think about becoming a new person overnight. So you don’t do anything.

You get paralyzed:

- Fear of what it looks like to be that new person.

- Fear of what people might say.

- Fear of failure.

But here is the thing….

We don’t change overnight. So don’t worry about something that you don’t need to!

Change happens in tiny little micro-steps. You will know how to handle things when you get there. It's a process.

5. Remember it’s only going to get easier.

How often have you tried something new and got frustrated?

You aren’t supposed to be good at it yet. That’s the point.

That’s why you are doing the thing….to get good at the thing

So quit looking at “something being hard” as a bad thing.

It’s your starting place.

Every time you do it, it will get easier.

6. The Win Window.

You need to change your definition of success.

If your goal is to go to do your home workout 3 times per week, but you are having a real crappy day.

You’ve been consistent up until this point but now it’s hard because for the first time you’ve had to dig deep.

Most people will say, screw it.

But not you...not now…

Because here is what you do……

You don’t change into workout clothes.

You don’t make it a production.

You grab those weights and you push through.

"You are going to feel like it’s the worst workout.
You might even not finish it.
It doesn’t matter.
You didn’t break the chain.
You kept your promise."

When you tell yourself lies like…

- I can’t give it 100% so I’ll just pass today.

- This is really hard. I don’t have it in me.

- Forget about it, I’ll do it tomorrow.


You are now creating a pattern of excuses.

You are giving yourself permission to give up on yourself.

"YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK, but you won’t find that out until you test it out!!!!!"


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