How to Lose 52 lbs. without Dieting, Supplements, or Cardio

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

How often have you been swept up in a fad diet or weight loss supplements full of empty promises?

I know I’ve seen more than my fair share.

Think about this way, if those things worked, why would the diet industry be a $66 billion dollar industry?

There is magical pill but it’s not what you think. It’s a little more complicated, like The Matrix.

It's not a supplement, powder, patch (they have those now), root from far off lands, extreme exercise programs, or restrictive diets.

How exciting is that?!


But first, we must start at the beginning to truly understand the history:

Snake oil salesman have been around since the 19th century. The snake oil peddlers were traveling "doctors" with fake credentials, selling fake medicines with marketing hype, often supported by pseudo-scientific evidence.

To increase sales, a paid accomplice in the crowd would often attest to the value of the product in an effort to provoke buying enthusiasm.

We are far more advanced now.

Now your “hype guys” are network marketers and their share is a small percentage of the pie to attest to their effectiveness.

Most network marketers aren’t trying to cheat people.

They believe in the product because they believe in the snake oil salesman.

But remember, the snake oil salesman (aka the diet industry) has honed his skills for years and years. He is slicker than slick. He has unlimited capital to invest in human behavior. He knows exactly what to tell you, when, where, and how. He is a magician to uses his powers of deception to take your money. He used the tiniest bit of “science” and create a whole concept around it.

That’s how we get…..

- Skinny Teas

- Fat Burners

- and catchy new words like superfoods

- or the newest “neuroceuticals”

But you’ve seen some of these products work, albeit temporarily, but you’ve seen results. If yes, do not discount the powers of the placebo effect.

Mindset is everything

"For some, the belief in herself is so small that she can only open her mind to the idea that a power greater than herself is the reason she was able to succeed."

She doesn’t believe she can, but she is able to believe the supplement can.

Once you stop the “pseudo power source” she no longer has the ability to continue.

Her belief was in the supplement, not herself.

She doesn’t believe she can for this very reason, she has unrealistic expectations for herself.

This may trigger you so be warned.

You need to come to a place of acceptance that you didn't gain the weight overnight.

Once you can accept that it’s going to take more than 3 months so lose, you win.

BUT MELISSA!!!! I’m impatient.

K girl, but get this.

Have those other diets worked?

Probably not otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

So what’s worse, taking your time, looking at this as a process, creating well worn paths of healthy habits…. habits that are is ingrained in you as brushing your teeth or applying mascara and keeping it off for life or trying to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and either...

  1. Giving up by day 8

  2. Or losing it and gaining in back and then some

ACCEPTANCE is the key:

Now we are free to make lasting change and love ourselves while we are working on these new habits. Does this sound good to you? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Good, then if you are ready, I am going to share my secret for losing 52 pounds without all the diet drama.

If you end each day with "less 500 calories" (aka a caloric deficit) you will lose a pound a week.

If you lay your head on your pillow at night and you burned an additional 500 calories you will lose about 1 pound a week.

Do that daily and you will lose 52 pounds in a year.

52 pounds?!

How to burn 500 calories or eat "less 500 calories":

10,000 steps burns about 500 calories.

Eating homemade popcorn instead of a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips will save you 450 calories.

Eating an apple instead of a package of Twinkies will save you 200 calories.

Swapping ½ of your pasta for zucchini noodles will have you 220 calories.

Melissa, a whole freaking year?

I feel you girl, but remember, how many diets and supplements have you tried before? Most likely you are sitting at zero pounds down so taking a year to lose 52 pounds that stay off doesn’t seem too long now does it?


How to Stick with It:

You can receive accountability through the Healthy Habit Challenge, starting October 1st, 2018.

We focus on habits, but also mindset.

For today...

Journal on the Following Questions...

1. How do you want to feel when you lose 52 pounds?

2. What problems will it solve?

3. What will be better?

4. What will be the same?



Radical, I know.

"You do not have to wait to “be” that woman. Be her today."

How would future her behave today?

She would go for extra walks because she has so much energy.

She would laugh a ton.

She would dance in the kitchen.

She would respect herself and show it by the kind of food she puts in her body.


This exact second you can be her.

Be her now and daily.


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