How to Create Healthy Habits that Stick

Ever wonder how to create healthy habits that stick? You’re not alone.

How many Fridays have you said, “Diet starts Monday”? And then this…...“Well since my diet starts Monday, I might as well eat #allthethings I want now and get it out of my system because Monday I won’t be able to have those things.”

So you spend the weekend gorging on nachos and beer.

Monday comes and you can’t stay on your new “diet” because you told no one your intentions, and you easily break promises you make to yourself. That leaves you with zero accountability.

The free Healthy Habit 5 Day Reboot will give you the accountability you need. Reboot starts September 17th, 2018.

Choose ONE of the following commitments:

✅ Eat a healthy breakfast daily for 5 days

✅ Drink 8 glasses of water daily for 5 days

✅ Eat an afternoon snack daily for 5 days

✅ Have fruit for dessert daily for 5 days

Receive accountability, guidance, and support from yours truly every step of the way. 👭

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