How I Stay Highly Motivated and Driven

Tooting My Own Horn, because it's true.

I really don't dick around much. I am highly productive and I know what I need to do to get the results I want. I am certainly not saying I don't have room for improvement, and I am definitely not saying I don't make mistakes (because.. hello typo queen)! But what I am saying is that I can get a lot of good things done efficiently and with little to no head drama. I COULD NOT have said this about myself five years ago.

Here is how I stay highly motivated and driven:

No. 1 Plan. Execute. Track. Everything.

When I started my weight loss journey, I took a look at how much weight I wanted to lose and figured out how long with would take me to get to my goal weight. I did a 3 part series on that if you want to check it out here.

No. 2 It's All JUST Data.

I remove all emotion from the situation. Throughout my weight loss journey, I would make poor choices on Friday that would lead to even worse choices all weekend long. So here is the difference between me and people who fail at diets, I looked at the experience as data. It is not my worth. It does not mean I don't deserve weight loss. It doesn't mean it's too hard. I know exactly what I did to cause me to go into a binge that weekend. I skipped breakfast, went out to lunch with friends, and had a glass of wine before dinner. That's data that tells me what DOESN'T WORK. Not making myself a priority doesn't work.

No. 3 A Little Help from My Friends.

I set timers on my phone to remind me to do the things I'm not exactly excited about doing. I honor those timers. I eat the frog so to speak.

I also use matcha as a stimulant. It's a green tea powder that gives you a boost of energy without the shakes of coffee. I make myself a matcha drink with a teaspoon of honey or sugar and I drink it down right before a workout.

I bump my favorite music into my brain. Whenever I have to dig deep to get a workout in, I know I can count on some old school Eminem or Nine Inch Nails. Put something on that makes you feel like a rock star and get the work done.

Bottom Line.

You don't have to want to do something to do it. That's the lazy person's game. Create a plan, show yourself grace, and dig deep. The feeling you get after completing something you didn't want to do is very powerful.


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