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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

I always say, "I wouldn't run from the COPS"...

I kind of hate running, but on occasion, I do run. I run for my mind, not my body.

Running is a mind-game anyways. If you can master your thoughts, even the most out of shape person can run for a shockingly long time.

Running is not unlike a weight loss journey in that way....if you can manage your thoughts, you can stay the course.

That seems to be the hardest part, right? Managing your thoughts aka "mindset".

I'm sure you are having thoughts in your head that are telling you, "This is hard. I can't do this. I don't deserve this. I suck everything. Why can't this work for me?"

This is so extremely important that you get this....

The thoughts that you have make you feel a certain way and then those feelings make you act a certain way. The problem is, you've got so many damn thoughts running through your head you don't even notice they are there. They are just stories you tell yourself that you assume them to be reality.

"I CAN'T lose weight"

"I CAN'T get motivated"

"I CAN'T be consistent"

"I DON'T deserve more than this"

Those thoughts, ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ are what is making your weight loss journey hard.

So how do you change your thoughts when you aren't even entirely sure what's running in the background of your brain?

The answer is SHOCKINGLY simple.... don't use your brain to think -------> USE YOUR GUT

I seriously could not think of metaphor......

While I was running today, I approached the T in the road where I had to make a decision.

If I turned right, I would be just two blocks from my home.

If I turned left, I would have been on the path to run at least another mile which would have pushed me to run further than I had in over two years.

While running up to that T in the path my mind is coming up with all sorts of reasons I should turn right (the easy route).

"If I go home now, I'll have more time to shower and get ready."

"You've already ran this far. That's enough, right?"

"It's hot out and you don't have water. Aren't you thirsty?"

But then there was another thought, but this one didn't come from my head, it came from my gut. My gut fucking screaming to me and telling me to go left each.

Yes, it is true that our thoughts create the way we feel which creates the way we behave and thus gives us the results that it does. That's all 100% true...

BUT, we don't just think with our brains. We can also think with our guts.

Think about it, how many times have you said, "Damn it! I wish I trusted my gut!".

This is your animal instinct inside each and every one of us.

You are reading this right now because you know, from your gut, that you are meant for more, and you are not showing up in that way.... but your gut is telling you that you know that there is a fucking queen inside you.

You're going to have to listen to your gut and the queen is going to reward you. You're going to become the woman that you are meant to be.

But the last piece of advice I want to leave you with today is...

when you trust you gut and tune in, 99.9% of the time the answer is going to "feel harder" because it's the scarier of the two options, it's the path least taken.

So when you're choosing to listen to the queen in your gut, she's going to push you.

This is going to be new.

But you must trust the queen. She will reward you.



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