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Today I was reading one of those screens that you might see in an elevator, at a gas pump, or sitting at the doctor's office.

Most often they flash short news stories that can be consumed in less than 30 seconds. Back to back there were two news stories that peaked my interest [plus wouldn't make me scared to leave my house].

I needed to read them + I am 100% sure YOU NEED TO READ THIS. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Two New Frog Species Discovered in Ecuador

Totally fascinated, I looked it up. We've been studying reptiles since 1869. 150 years and we are still discovery reptiles on our planet. How crazy is that?


Potentially habitable Earth-like planet discovered 31 light years away.

The planet has the sexy name of GJ 357 d. It is 6 times the size of the Earth! S.I.X. TIMES!We have been studying some form of Astronomy since about 1200 BC + we are just discovery a planet 6 times the size of ours!Isn't that insane?

We have been living on this planet for 50,000 years + we keep discovery new things.

Hell, when I was a kid, the T-Rex stood on his hind legs like Barney, the purple dinosaur. Just when you think you've got it figured out, ✨ poof ✨ something crazy is discovered + you are left wondering how you could have ever believed a predator dinosaur would bobble around like that with those tiny arms.

It's seems stupid to me now; really.

I can't believe that I believed that. We ALL believed that.

It feels so obvious that a T-Rex would lean forward in that fashion that we know today + I think, "How could I have ever thought differently". All the signs were there, but we just didn't see it.

Looking at those news stories flash across the screen like that, I thought, "Wow, what else in this universe is yet to be discovered?"

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