Foods We Used to Eat

1. Lean Cuisines

Girl, you ate them too, right? I remember being huddled over my little black plastic tray in the office lunchroom wishing I didn't have to starve to lose weight. They were so tiny, no wonder I was starving! It wasn't until I learned how to meal prep that I realized how to create an abundance of food that never leaves me wanting for more.

2. Yoplait Lights

Holla at yo girl if you used to love licking the lids of insane flavored Yoplait Lights! If the artificial coloring didn't kill me, the aspartame might. Here is a better choice taken directly from The Honest JumpStart Kit:

3. Fiber One Bars


🍋 used to be my fav. How about you?

First let’s talk about why these little suckers came on the market in the first place. Just like any fad diet, food products come to market hoping to ride the wave of half baked “recent studies”. A study was released that said.....

💥 So our good old friends at General Mills thought, “How can we capitalize on this?” And that ladies is the origin story of these bite-sized nuggets of abdominal cramps. They’ve been cleaned up over the years but still contain added sugars, artificial flavors, and coloring. Besides all that ....... They are tiny! Little packages of processed foods like this have left millions of Weight Watchers dieters STARVING!

4. Snack Wells

First let's just address the name. Nabisco insinuates that these are a snack and that they are good for you. These aren't a snack. They certainly aren't "well". and who give a

💩 if they are fat-free? That just means they added even more garbage to make them palatable. This is just another example of how the packaged food industry capitalized on "recent studies". Did you know you are better off eating a Chips Ahoy Cookie? It's true. A Chips Ahoy has less sugar and additives. Plus, you aren't fooling yourself in thinking it's healthy so hopefully you will just have one or two and not make it a daily 3pm snack.


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