Episode #97: Find Your Weight Loss Tribe

I was lying to myself.

I had been telling myself a story. That story was....I didn't need people. I had untrue beliefs that, "people couldn't be trusted", "you can't rely on anyone", "you give people an inch + they take a foot". None of this had to do with other people, it was me.

These "beliefs" caused me to feel lonely.

I closed myself off to potential connection, deep, meaningful, high-vibe connection because I was scared of being hurt. But the truth is, friendship is a lot like finding your soulmate. If you aren't open to being loved, you won't receive love. If you don't get out there, you won't find anyone. If you believe you will get hurt, you will look for ways you are being hurt.

This isn't the way we were designed.

Since I'm not the kind of woman to play victim to my circumstance, I thought I must do something about this. I started reading some books on the history of women in tribes. It lead me to the truth that deep down I was previously too scared to admit, I did desire connection + it's totally on purpose. We are not meant to tackle life alone.

Women are "designed" to thrive in communities.

We came together and we collectively work things out. Women would nurse other women's babies. It was a time when it really did take a village to raise a child. But it's gotten to the point where we have houses that are further apart, we don't talk to our neighbors, + our sister or whoever lives across the country or maybe across the world. Plus, if you're like me, you have that added layer of dysfunctional family who most often chooses to pretend each other out of worldly existence you feel rather alone a lot of the time.

The making of my own sisterhood where all Bad Bitches belong.

+ so I thought, "If I've gotten this far by trusting that there must be women out there who have the same concerns, worries, longing that I do", THIS is something that needs to be addressed + resolved NOW.

THIS is exactly what I will be bringing you with the Bad Bitch Clique.

This is a place where you belong. This is a place where you can chat about affirmations, meal prep, lifting heavy, journaling, + all the deep AF things until the cows come home....and there will be women to listen....women who get you in the way other people simply can't. I'm not sharing more than that for right now, but you can get on the wait list. And when you get on the wait list, you will receive a guided meditation to manage stress + emotional eating along with several journaling prompts to tide you over until we get started.

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