Episode #84: Kicking Your Dirty Little Sugar Habit

Think about rehab, perhaps just what you know from a movie….

They don’t just detox you but rather work through reasons you became addicted in the first place.

Yet, for some reason, we view food differently.

How effective do you think it would be to get a drug addict clean for 10 days but do only just that? Not address the hurts, “the why” it started in the first place?

Why would food be any different?

If you insist on calling yourself a sugar addict + you know how that all addicts aren’t just born addicts, how do you think you have grown to become dependent on sugar to manage your emotions?

This is why you must address sugar addiction physically, mentally, soulfully, habitually, + Sugar Rehab is the motherfucking best program to do that.

Stop putting a band aid on the real reason you aren’t losing weight.

You must change the way you look at life + your place in it.

You must change the lense you look through.

You must change the way you engage with people + what you allow.

You must change the way you handle your emotions, or rather you must truly handle your emotions not stuff them down.

+ that is the work we are doing in Sugar Rehab:


XO, Melissa

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