Episode #82: Is balls to the wall weight loss the way to go?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

[QUESTION] Is balls to the wall weight loss the way to go?


If you feel special, know that is on purpose.

If you think you are meant for more, you are.

There are special people called to do special things >>> not just for other people, but for themselves.

Special people have a responsibility.

If you don’t act upon it, it’s like you are smiting the universe.

You will continually be shown the same lessons over + over again until you get it right.

THIS is why I had a radical transformation when I invested in myself.

Each + every time before I dicked around with diets out of my Mom’s Woman’s Day Magazine, a diet from an author I saw on Oprah, or my mother’s alma mater, Weight Watchers.

The last time, the fuck this shit, I’m balls to the wall, full fledged doing this shit, that was when I changed.

Drib + drabs or weight loss doesn’t work and neither does drastic unrealistic diets.

You must consistently, intentionally, take radical ownership each + every day.

Results = Excitement = Consistency

You won’t continue to do something if your not getting enough results + you won’t keep results if you did unrealistic things to get it.

The practical area in between is where lasting weight loss occurs.



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