Episode #76: The REAL Formula for Losing the First 10 lbs.

📚 Kids are back in school + it's time to get serious, hammer out a schedule + lock down weight loss. 🥗👟✔️

About this time each year I sing a little song while walking about my house.

Want to know what it is?

"Oh, back to school! Back to school! ....." 📚

My children squeal with teenaged dismay.

I love it. I'm just being honest. 😁

Fall is my favorite time of year because I get to help my favorite kind of people get back on track after a summer of, shale we say...overindulging.

I created upcoming workshop with those exact people in mind.

The REAL Formula for Losing the First 10 lbs. is for those who are looking to:

>> Get back on track with their weight loss goals

>> Carve out time to exercise at home

>> Build confidence through shifting thoughts

>> Feel all around amazing, inside + out

The First 10 lbs., a 30 Day Bulletproof Commitment to Fat Loss:

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