Episode #68: Melissa's Most Productive Habits

Want to know my most productive habits?

The secret is knowing your weaknesses and putting systems in place to combat them. On this episode, I share my 5 most productive habits that keep me the on-track Bad Bitch that I am minus being a perfect human.

1. Sunday Planning Session:

Every Sunday night, without fail, I spend time mapping out the coming week.  I used an app called Trello to keep everything straight. The best part is, the Trello app is KILLER. It's simple to access your To Dos, shopping lists, important documents, etc.

2. Batch Everything:

Batch cooking, errands, podcast recordings (most of the time

) There is no point in switching back + forth between projects.

Multitasking isn't a thing.

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3. Timed Workouts:

1 hour max.  I go in with intention and get it done. No time for gym selfies..maybe just one :) I see so many people "knocking around" in the gym because they have no clue what to do. IMO, it's important to invest in a fitness program that provides you routine, efficiency, + results. Otherwise, why bother doing it at all?

4. Daily 3:

Set 3 tasks MAX that I can get done everyday and feel like a superstar. Keeping a laundry list of things you need to do over the next three weeks will leave you feeling anxious and somehow "not enough". Who needs that shit? You're doing the best you can.

5. Shareable family Google calendar w/ synced Apple Watch:

Notification from my watch keep me on schedule. If I'm in the zone it's easy to forget about upcoming appointments. Therefore, I have my Apple Watch set to "buzz" me 30 minutes before anything scheduled. Why watch the clock when you don't have to?


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