Episode #65: How to Get a Killer Workout

Remember, you don't have to WANT to do something to do it...

BUT, there are things you can do to improve your workout and make it less miserable on those days you "just ain't feelin' it".

#1 Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of repairing and restoring muscle.  Plus, when you get proper sleep, you have more energy to give to your workout and less sugar cravings.  It's a win win. Strive for 8 full hours of sleep.

#2 Limit Alcohol

Boo, I know! But when you drink too much you aren't functioning on all cylinders, you're dehydrated, and your sleep quality sucks. Drinking makes it that much harder to show up as the woman you want to be in the gym.

#3 Pre and Post Workout Food Structure

I know you see Instagram bros and booty chicks drinking post-workout protein shakes, but that's just 1/2 correct. You need to incorporate carbs pre AND post workout. Pre, the carbs give you energy to preform your best. Post, well, consider the carbs as the train that drives the protein to your muscles. Proper pre and post workout nutrition also helps with muscle recovery.

# 4 Water Water Water

Hydration is everything. Water flushes you body and lubs up those joints, which, as you can image it crucial for a lady who lifts.

#5 Liquid Motivation

While there are supplements out there that aid in gym performance, I don't recommend "pre-workout" for most of the ladies I work with. Like with most stimulants, once you start, it's hard to stop. For now, consider a pre-work consisting of an iced coffee or green tea.

#6 Consistency

Don't go too many days not working out.  It's more difficult to get back in the swing of things when you do. I recommend not going more than two days in a row without working out. Even better, carve out time to be active This doesn't mean you need to lift weights everyday, but consider a 30 minute walk, stretches, or hot yoga. Just move.

#7 The Power of Music

Music is an amazing tool for inspiration.

Before every livestream and/or live coaching call I do, I have a certain [top secret] song that I listen to. Because I've made this part of my routine, it's easier for me to tap into that super-flow version of myself who knows exactly what to say and how to say it without even thinking about it.

I even have a specific Amazon Music station I listen to when I do my writing. When I have my airpods in, the create with ease.

I'm not special. We all have this power. There is tons of research from the music therapy program at the University of Miami to back this up.

Use the power of music to help you snap into that Bad Bitch heavy lifting version of yourself. The more positive experiences you have with a particular song, the more powerful the song becomes for you.



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