Episode #61 - 5 Diet Mistakes

5 Diet Mistakes that Could Be Costing You

#1. Not Considering Food Quality

Please for the love of God please stop eating LESS food. You need to EAT MORE but you need to eat more of the right kind of foods at the right time of day.

Ask yourself, "How can I make this meal massive without tons of empty calories?"

Let's take a piece of chicken for example. If you want chicken for dinner, you could make a giant (I'm talking GIANT) salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, maybe some quinoa or toast with it....then you chicken.

Now think about that.....that's going to be a huge meal. What are the odds that you'll go hungry after that?

NOTE: If you are starving and cranky during a "diet", you're doing it wrong.

#2. Avoiding the Elephant in the Room

Sure you gained weight because you ate too much and moved too little, but the real question that must be addressed is "WHY". It's important to understand that using food in unhealthy ways is a symptom of a deeper issue.

  • Maybe you don't feel loved

  • Maybe you aren't getting enough of something else you need

  • Maybe you have unhealthy boundaries and it causes you stress...then you overeat

The good news is that working out, eating right, and generally learning how to care for yourself is the first step to uncovering your "why". If you want to expedite this process, which I highly recommend that you do, start journaling daily.

#3. Not Putting Daily Reminders in Place

It's too easy to fall back into old habits. Our minds take the path of least resistance.

Start thinking about your weight loss journey as a new job. Don't worry...this isn't a full time job, but what I want you to understand is this....

Remember your first day? Weren't you so overwhelmed? Didn't you think, "There is no way I am going to understand this." But you take notes. Maybe you put several post-it notes on your desk. Maybe you use Outlook to schedule reminders of meeting.

Day by day you begin to acclimate. Things begin to make sense. Now you can do your job with your eyes closes.

THAT is how a weight loss journey can be if you put reminders in front of your face.

  • Set alarms to eat

  • Set alarms to workout

  • Set alarms to journal

  • Track your food

  • Track your fitness

  • Track your weight

  • Post notes of motivation

#4. Think Short Term

I mean, I don't know how many times I can say it..... YOU NEED TO PRACTICE BEING THE WOMAN YOU WANT TO BE.

This is a journey. This is a way of life.... so you might as well find a way of eating that makes sense for you and that you can live with forever.

You must learn moderation and the way you do that is focusing on a flexible diet. If you restrict yourself, you will binge, and thus the cycle will continue.

#5. Cutting Your Macros Too Low/Eating Too Little

Listen, I get are really unhappy with your body and when you make the decision to change you want it done like yesterday.

So the thoughts you have are, "I just want to be done with this. I don't want to feel this way anymore. I just want to move on with my life."

I really do get it. I thought those same things too, but cutting your macros/calories too low, you aren't going to create the body you want.

YOU MUST FUEL YOUR BODY TO LOSE WEIGHT. If you aren't eating enough before and after your workout, your workout is going to suffer. You will not have the energy to give your workout what it needs. PERIOD.

Remember, it's not about eating less, it's about eating more.



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