Episode #144: What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

There are countless benefits to removing processed sugar from your diet, but I had to pick just a few because, well, time and what not. Here are 5 to get you started.

1. Reduction in Inflammation

I’ve linked an article here if you’d like to nerd out on it, but essentially “sugar stimulates the production of free fatty acid in the liver and when the body processes the free fatty acid the resulting compound can trigger inflammation in the body.

If you’ve ever experienced the aches and pains of a bad diet, they are no joke. Pain means you are less likely to move. Moving less means you’re more likely to eat more out of depression. The cycle continues.

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2. Better Skin

When you remove sugar from your diet your elastin and collagen production increase and vice versa. This means a firmer brighter complexion.

If you suffer from occasional ache, it’s possible that it’s from an increase in sugar in your diet. When you eat sugar your pancreas releases insulin which leads to increased production of oil.

3. More energy

Highly processed sugary foods are designed to give you a little mouth organism, but this comes as a cost. You get a spike in dopamine and serotonin. You feel good for just a short amount of time and then you crash.

When you eat a whole foods diet, you are feeding your body what it naturally thrives on. You will experience an elevated state of overall wellbeing.

4. Improved Focus

Sugar makes your brain “foggy.” You become addicted to the high that you really are only thinking about that. It’s the human condition to crave what once made us feel good, regardless if it’s good for us or not.

5. Weight Loss

This one comes quite easily. Highly processed foods are compact and unfulfilling. A Pop-Tart won’t get you far before you are hungry again. Whereas a giant grain bowl packed with vegetables and a bit of protein and fat, like chicken and avocado will keep you happy and full for hours.

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