Episode #140: Guest Expert Annie Grace of This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment

Is it time for an alcohol experiment?

Today we have guest expert Annie Grace. Annie Grace is no stranger to success whether it is in business or personal matters. At 26, Annie was the youngest Vice President in a multinational company and her drinking career began in earnest. At 35, in a global C-level marketing role she was responsible for 28 countries and drinking almost two bottles of wine a night.

Annie didn’t want to live life in a daily battle for sobriety. To live a life avoiding temptation. She didn’t want her entire existence to revolve around alcohol. She wanted to take the power away from alcohol rather than make it a reward she was depriving herself of. She wanted freedom from alcohol. She wanted change. To find another way. And she did.

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Annie Grace authored; “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness And Change Your Life.” Her book reprograms your unconscious allowing you to break free from alcohol. Countless hours of research went into the writing of the book – it breaks down how alcohol changes us both physically and mentally. Annie no longer drinks and has never been happier. She left her executive role to write the book and share her method with the world. Since publishing her book she has been featured in publications such as Forbes, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and Mind Body Green. Annie Grace wants to share her message and the ability to find freedom from alcohol with as many readers as possible. Beyond the book, her goal is to reshape society’s views and our alcoholcentric culture so that the non-drinker is no longer an exception to the rule.

In her free time Annie Grace loves to ski, travel (26 countries and counting) and enjoy her beautiful family. Annie lives with her husband and two sons in the Colorado Mountains.

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