Episode #123: "Do I really need to track my food forever?!"

Updated: Feb 27

The million dollar question....

QUESTION: "Do I REALLY need to track my food forever?"

ANSWER: "Tracking your food is a phase in your weight loss journey, but no, if it's done correctly, you shouldn't need to."

Notice the underlined, "if it's done correctly"?

Yeah, let's talk about how exactly to track correctly because I'm sure you've tried nutrition tracking weight loss systems in the past and are reading this right now so odds are that didn't work for you.

Want to know why?

#1: Because you can't rush the process. There is no "Day 21 Fix" for a woman with 65 pounds to lose. That's totally okay! I wasn't "fixed" in 21 days either. Change takes time and you've got to ease yourself into it so as to not overwhelm.

#2: Plus, you need to learn the basics of weight loss energetics [aka how to think and be like smoking hot version of yourself]. They don't teach that on the MyFitnessPal app, I'll tell you that.

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