Episode 105: 3 Thoughts That End the Binge Restrict Cycle

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

A few thoughts that can lead to binging:

MAYBE: "I’ll have all the things I want to eat now because my diet starts Monday + I won’t be able to have them."

MAYBE: "What’s the point anyways."

MAYBE: "I only get these cookies once a year."

MAYBE: "These people drive me to drink."

It makes total sense that you might think those thoughts. Here is why...

When humans can't get what they need, they take what they can get. We are designed to survive.

We create stories to fit our current situation. We lie to ourselves to "make" things okay.

We manipulate stories to avoid the pain of acknowledging the fact that we aren't taking aligned action on our soul's desires.

Sometimes we do this because we've seen our parents do it + we feel like it's not right, but seeing our family do it causes us to believe that maybe we are just the crazy ones so we go along w/ it.

Sometimes we do it because we believe we don't deserve better + we are trying to cope with that.

Sometimes we do it because accepting our real truth is scary as fuck.

But we know. We always know.

Often "during" those thoughts we totally believe them to be true but afterwards we look back + think, "What the fuck was I thinking?! I knew I shouldn't have stayed in that relationship that long" or "Now that I look back I remember knowing that I was using my job as my excuse to abuse alcohol." The saying is true, "The truth hurts" so we lie to avoid the pain.

If we know it's a bullshit story, why do we continue to do it?

Who wants to feel bad about staying in a situation that you know isn't what you want? You might not even have the tools available to change it on your own. We buy time, hoping it will simply go away. We practice avoidance.

But you can't run or hide from your second brain, your gut.

It is where shit gets really crazy. Your gut has brain cells. Gut instinct is a true thing.

When your gut is telling you to "not eat that 4th cookie" or "you don't need another drink" but your brain has gotten used to telling you "I only get these cookies once a year" or "these people drive me to drink" you listen to your brain in your head while symbolically telling your soul to fuck off. You know. You always know.... + that is why you are pissed at yourself about it.

The power comes from deciding to expose your brain for the lying sack of shit he is.

BULLSHIT: "I’ll have all the things I want to eat now because my diet starts Monday + I won’t be able to have them."

FACT: A healthy diet means all foods in moderation. You don't need to live in a world where you never have cake again. You just can't eat a giant piece of cake every single day.

BULLSHIT: "What’s the point anyways."

FACT: Um, hello? What's the point? You are the point. You are a fucking gift to this world. You deserve to be radically happy. You've got a big purpose baby. You are meant for so much more.

BULLSHIT: "I only get these cookies once a year."

FACT: Like your ass can't make a gingerbread cookie in June? Plus, no one said you can't have one cookie. You just don't need to eat all of them.

BULLSHIT: "These people drive me to drink."

FACT: Our life is a sum of what we have found acceptable. Just like you've allowed this in your life, you can decide it is no longer acceptable.


Thinking those thoughts served you up until this point but they don't anymore. You're done with them. Fucking fagetaboutit! You're moving on + now you can generate new thoughts.

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