Easy Weight Loss Meals

That's Bougie.

What do you think the likelihood is that you could sustain a diet that called for a recipe like Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard Vegan Lasagna? Like be real. It sounds fun for a week or two, but I can assure you... a month in...when you kid has some science experiment due and you haven't planned for're not going to be able to throw a quick dinner together that is aligned with that strict diet program.

#1 KISS Method. Focus on Protein.

Keep it simple sister! First thing to focus on is making protein your priority. You should consume roughly 0.8g protein per pound you weigh.* To give you an idea of what that looks like, you would want to have one cup of liquid egg whites at breakfast, maybe 4 oz. chicken at lunch, perhaps 3-4 oz. lean ground beef at dinner. You get the idea.

#2 Get Your Greens On.

Aim to get a serving of greens with each meal, okay, so maybe not dessert, but most meals. I love using a veggie spiralizer from Amazon for the nights my family is having pasta. I just swap zucchini noodles in lieu of traditional pasta and boop - dinner is done. I'm not saying you can't have pasta, I'm just saying "I'm not having pasta right now".

#3 Measure Your Carbs.

As an experiment, measure 2oz of uncooked pasta and cook it. It will really blow your mind once you see a true serving size. I know, I know. I cried too. BUT if you add in tons of veggies and meat sauce to those 2oz, your place gets a lot dinner and you have knocked #1, #2, and #3 out of the park. Simple, right? Below are a few other meal ideas.


Spinach Feta Omelette

1 cup liquid egg whites

1-2 baby spinach

2 tbsp. reduced-fat feta

1-2 slice Ezekiel Bread

Loaded Sweet Potato

5oz. cooked sweet potato

4oz. cooked shredded chicken

1 tbsp. corn syrup free BBQ Sauce

1-2 cups frozen broccoli, cooked

Tuna Lunch to Go

2 tuna packets (roughly 5oz total)

1 tbsp. reduced fat mayo

1-2 brown rice cakes

1 cup sliced cucumbers

1/2 cherry tomatoes

Bottom Line.

You don't have to go fancy to get results, in fact, I don't think most people can get results when they go fancy. Keep your meals simple when you first start out or grab the JumpStart Kit that tells you exactly what to eat, how to move, and what to think to get lasting weight loss.

* I'm not your doctor, so yeah, there is that.


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