Do You Deserve Weight Loss?

Let's Measure Your Worth!

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being pulling up a chair in hell, 10 being a lifetime of Tom Hardy feeding you grapes.... how worthy are you? Go ahead, put a number on it. How worthy are you?

Got your number? Okay, let's say your number is a 5...why isn't it a 4? So, whatever your number, ask yourself why you aren't worth one less than that.

Come on now, write down 10 reasons why you aren't one less.

See?! You are Worthy.

So if you are one of those ladies who says she doesn't deserve weight loss or aren't worthy of it, you lying to yo'self. But why? It could be a diversion tactic. It could be just the excuse you need to avoid working on yourself. After all, if you aren't worthy, you don't have to do much because you aren't worth much.

Or maybe it's because you are scared. Maybe it's your way of protecting yourself. If you aren't trying, you aren't failing, right?

Don't Beat Yourself Up.

If you've been using low self worth as a crutch, don't beat yourself up. Our brains are complicated AF! It doesn't mean you've been intentionally misleading. You probably didn't even know you were doing it, but now you do. So now you have a wonderful opportunity to start over as a motherf*cking worthy a*s woman!!!! Doesn't that feel good?

Bottom Line.

You just need enough worth to get you moving. Once you do the work, the proof is in the pudding. We keep our nice things nice, right? Nice car, you wash it, you get the oil changed. Nice house, you decorate it. You've now proven to yourself that you do have worth. It's time to take care of right....laugh. You are worth it.


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