Create a Success Timeline Part 1 of 3

Got Goals?

If you've got goals for 2019 and don't know where to start, you are going to have a listen to this 3 part series, Creating a Success Timeline. This is some of the exact framework that I share with my clients who obtain massive weight loss. It works for them. It can work for you too!

If there is an end date to your diet. There is an end date to your results.

We must look back before we can move forward.

While looking back might feel uncomfortable, it's super important. One of the biggest mistakes people make with regards to weight loss goals is to do a timed diet. You know the ones, 80 days, 30 days, 21 days, 5 days.... 5 days?!

Point No. 1

We are not going to change a lifetime of unhealthy habits in 5 days! I mean, that would be nice, but it ain't gunna happen.

Point No. 2

No matter if you have 100 pounds to lose or only 5, those diets have predetermined timelines. This leaves the diets with more to lose feeling disappointed with their results because they were sold unrealistic expectations.

Point No. 3

There is an end date at all. If there is an end date to your diet. There is an end date to your results.

Let's create some momentum.

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