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Before you set any goals, consider this...

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Here is the thing about goal setting...

none of it matters if your goals aren't really...

#1 What you want most right now

#2 What you need most right now

From what I've seen from the countless planners, organizations, and vision board workshops I've invested in throughout my life is that the focus is execution with little to no time and attention investigating all that you can have, be, achieve, receive, and believe is any and all areas of your life.

This "approach" is a lot like getting on an airplane to a random country that you let society select for you. You've packed nothing but ramen noodles and a bikini bottom. You land in Siberia where you discover you are ill prepared for a destination that wasn't even your choosing. And all you want to do is go home which is confusing because you hated your house in the first place and that's why you went on this damn trip!

Lots of us make the mistake of thinking, "If I'm overweight, I'd just be happy to lose 50 pounds." Which is true. It's totally true that you would feel better, have more energy, and likely gain a lot of confidence if you felt as good as you deserve to feel in your body. But if you are the kind of woman who struggles to show up for her gym membership or quits a diet 2 weeks in, likely doing another standard diet isn't the answer.

What would it look like if you gave yourself permission to have it all?

It's not uncommon for people-pleasers to ignore their unmet needs. When you believe you aren't worthy of, deserving of, or able to get what you want, that's painful. Pain doesn't feel good, so we try not to think about it or we create elaborate stories to make settling okay.

Contrary to most people-pleasers beliefs, you deserve more than body freedom.

But because the thought hasn't occurred to most of us...

We've never taken the time to examine what our lives would look like if we got everything we wanted and nothing of what we didn't. We just settle for scraps and wonder why we are so damn unhappy.

You are worthy and deserving of healthy friendships.

You are worthy and deserving of financial freedom.

You are worthy and deserving of deep connection.

You are worthy and deserving of adventure.

You are worthy and deserving of a life committed to arete [continued striving towards your next-level self.

You are worthy and deserving of fulfilling spiritual practices.

You are worthy and deserving of romance.

Sounds good, Melissa, but where to I start?

Well now that you know you get to have a hella lot more, do you know what that looks like? If you don't, you are in good company. Most people don't know what they want. They might think they do, but when questioned on specifics and more importantly, "why," their goals fall flat and then so do their results.

Knowing that you deserve the list I shared above, grab this Becoming a Bad Bitch Ebook where you will find The Wheel of Life to measure all areas of your life and rate your fulfillment.

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