7 Steps to Creating a Habit that Stick

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

How many Fridays have you declared “diet start Monday”?

But with no accountability it feels basically impossible to get any forward momentum.

Or you go all in with a strict diet & exercise program.

But you crash hard just three weeks later because you can't keep up with the extreme demands.

There is a good reason for this...which is good...because that means there is a solution to your problem.

Let me break down my

7 Steps to Creating a Habit that Sticks.

#1 Focus all of your energy on building new healthy habits

Don't worry about breaking old habits yet. Focus on creating new healthy habits first.

When you come from a place of abundance vs. restriction, you are more likely to have a positive mindset.

#2 Have a Plan

You can't go creating habits willy nilly girl!!!! You need a plan, structures in place, and accountability. Studies show that you are three times more likely to succeed at any goal with some sort of social support. Find an accountability partner or you can join my free Facebook Community, The Honest Place.

#3 Start Small

Get really honest with yourself. Do you currently exercise zero days a week? Okay, no biggie! Let's start by committing to increasing your daily step totals or adding in 2-3 10 minute workouts a week. If you do too much too soon, you run the risk of overwhelming yourself which increases the likelihood of quitting.

#4 Grace

THE REAL GOAL IS TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE. Your life will not instantly be better at the end of your 80 Day Obsession, so get clear on your “why”. Thinking of your new habit as an event, as something that has a start date and end date feeds into the "all or nothing" mentality. You see this a lot with people who get in shape for a particular event like a half marathon or a wedding. Once they have completed their task they fall off the wagon hard because their motive was not to improve their life. There motive was to "do the thing".

#5 Replace Don’t Erase

In the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he talks about The Habit Loop. There are three things that happen during any habitual behavior, the cue, the routine, the reward. In this example let's talk about my dog. You say, "Jacquie wanna treat? Now sit". Jacquie wants that damn treat, so he sits. You give him the treat. The Habit Loop is complete. The more times you complete this habit training with him, the easier it gets for him to understand that sitting on cue gets him his reward. We work the exact same way.

It's super hard to undo a habit. As a matter of fact, once a habit is learned it can never be completely "unlearned". It's always there in the background. It gets weakened. So the best thing to do is to "replace not erase". If you crave chocolate at 9pm, then instead of chocolate choose a piece of fruit. The first few times will be the hardest. You will really want that chocolate....but it gets better every time.

Sounds great Melissa, but it's HARD!!!!

Girl, I know!!!!!! But don't worry, we can boost your willpower. Join the FREE Healthy Habit 5 Day Reboot to get the structures and support you need to create lasting habits.

#6 Boost Your Willpower

Our brains get tired from having to make decisions, like legit tired....decision making requires more energy. This is why I work with clients in The Honest JumpStart Kit to automate as much of their nutrition as possible.

Putting systems like:

  1. Meal Prepping

  2. Water bottles with measurement

  3. Scheduling fitness

  4. Monitor Steps

  5. Creating Routine

  6. Being part of community

allows your brain more "free time" and "energy" to fight off cravings.

#7 Choose a Double Duty Habit

Not all habits are created equal. I recommend implementing at least one of the following immediately because they give you more bang for your habit buck:

  • 8 Glasses of Water a Day - fills you up, flushes body, increases walking bathroom

  • Healthy Breakfast - low glycemic breakfast, so NO DONUTS, actually increases willpower

  • Healthy PM Snack - fills you up, helps to resist urges, less binge-link behavior at night

  • 3 (I would love to see you eating 5) Veggies per Day - increase food volume, reduces hunger, increases energy, fiber, vitamins and minerals

  • Fruit Instead of Sweets - replace not erase, still get something sweet

So which habit are you going to choose?

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Monday, September 17th, 2018

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