5 Spiritual [+] Instagram Accounts You'll Want to Follow Today

1. @theworldbybrit

If you are ready for a mystic purple eye-gasm packed with high-quality videos on all things woo? Oh girl, the you simply must click here to follow the lovely Brit Carmichael, founder of Shine School. Brit talks business, oracle cards, astrology, more. I'm giving five stars to this queen. Click here to follow @theworldbybrit

2. @lexidangelo

This beautiful lady, Lexi is a NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT coach.

I am oversimplify NLP here, but essentially it is decoding the thoughts inside your head that you take for granted and questioning if they serve you or if they hold you back.

You may have heard of EFT or tapping is used as a form of alternative therapy for physical or emotional pain. It's pretty badass.

I leave you to head to her account for further discovery. I 100% promise you, I am not steering you wrong. Her graphics are simply gorgeous and her content is very informative. I stop by her stories daily for a peek.

Click here to follow Lexi:

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3. @alignbydesignhd

Have you heard of Human Design? No? Okay, well your mind is about to be blown and this is the queen to do it. Click here now to follow the lovely Amy Allchurch who gives a very honest and clear view of what HD is and how it can greatly impact the way you show up.

Human Design is not technically "spiritual." You can consider if astrology on steroids.

I learned that I am projector which means I ask for invitations instead of reaching out and connecting with others. Once I discovered this was holding me back, well, I started writing blog posts like these and putting myself out there. HD has made a huge difference in my life with such small tweaks to the way I view things. Go follow Amy now!

4. @chakragirlgo

Amber-Lee will certainly become your new spiritual BFF once you feast your eyes on her IG account. Her feed is one part one part crystals, one part Chakra, and 3 parts fashion AF. Oh, and she has a great podcast on all things spiritual, Chakra Girl Radio. Click here to follow her:

5. @theuncensoredempath

Sarah is a life and success coach who focuses on helping her client heal from trauma. Her feed is full of deep infographics and thought-provoking quotes. She also has a book titled, "21 Days of Healing" that you'll want to check out. Click here to follow this queen:

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