10 Sober Instagram Accounts You Need in Your Life

#1: @recoveryisthenewblack

Michelle Smith is a sobriety author, speaker, and counselor who meets you where you are at. Her feed and stories are packed with motivational and practical sober content that feels very doable and does not overwhelm. Michelle keeps it light and fun. She is the perfect little pick me up when you're thinkin' 'bout drinkin'. You can follower her over at:

#2: @asobergirlsguide

Jessica Jeboult of @asobergirlsguide not only has a delightful feed full of colorful and educational info-graphics and hilarious videos, she has a killer sober podcast as well. I love Jessica because she keeps it real AF with no pussyfooting around it. She has a free 7 Must Have Secrets to a Successful Booze Free Life in her IG profile, so make sure you grab that when you swing over and follow.

#3: @soberwitch

@soberwitch has got them vibes like she is one of your girlfriends which makes the idea of getting sober even more obtainable. She is also super funny and I find myself spitting out my morning coffee from laughing so hard at the memes she shares in her feed. She's light, fun, and friendly. Follow @soberwitch here:

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#4: @mybadassrecovery

This badass, Pamela, is a personal fav of mine because she is speaking at the upcoming Expansion Summit. I love Pamela's very real approach to sobriety. This certified recovery coach does not sugarcoat. She gives you all of it. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. You need to follow this queen here:

#5: @sobergirlsociety

For every "pro-wine mom" post I see, I make sure to read two of @soberygirlsociety posts. IMO, @soberygirlsociety is a sober IG mandatory. You will find hacks, myth busting, and practical strategies you can use to get and stay sober. Follow here y'all:

#6: @comingcleanpodcast

Peter of @comingcleanpodcast has a super inspirational feed and podcast packed with sober stories that have the overarching theme that "not all recovery looks the same." I find that particularly comforting and I know you will too. Click here to follow this cool guy:

#7: @laurievmcallister

I adore this little sober yoga teacher. Her feed is full of punchie reminders that keep readers on track. Laurie talks openly and honestly about mental health and anxiety in her feed as well as her blog which can be found in her bio. Follow this gal:

#8: @seltzersquadpod

If you don't follow @seltzersquadpod, are you even sober? These chicks are hilarious, raw, and real. They are living proof that sobriety is the coolest game in town. When you swing over to their feed, be sure to subscribe to their podcast of the same name. Here you go:

#9: @mrsleonieholland

This sober sis's feed will give you an eye-organism. Leonie is part fashion, part motherhood, total goddess. She makes sobriety hot and edgy af. I'm sure you will agree. Follow her here:

#10: @sober_celebrities

When you scroll @sobercelebs' feed, you will find yourself saying, "I had no clue that ______________ was sober!" Finding fistfulls of my favorite actors, singers, musicians, comedians, and authors are sober, confirms for me time and time again that sobriety kicks ass. #trentreznor need I say more? Follow this super inspirational feed here:

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