Live In-Depth Masterclass Outlining Exactly How to Go About Getting What You Want

*️⃣ Are you sick of bluffing?

*️⃣ Do you feel like you have to do everything for everyone all of the time?

*️⃣ Do you say things like, "This place would fall apart without me"?

*️⃣ Do people always seem to find a way to take advantage of you?

*️⃣ Are you the kind of woman who drops everything to help other people yet you don't receive the same courtesy in return?

*️⃣ At times, do you find yourself full of a white-hot smoldering resentment and you feel like you could blow at any minute?

*️⃣ Are you frustrated with your relationships and feel like you are at your wits end?

*️⃣ How annoyed are you by having to tell people what you need? Don't you just wish you didn't have to tell them? Doesn't it feel so obvious what you need, yet they obviously don't care enough to take action on it?

I 100% get it.


I used to be the kind of woman who never got her needs met. I always took care of everyone else first, and it showed. I was obese, addicted to prescription pain pills that my doctor over-prescribed, and drank a lot more than I cared to admit. All of this because I couldn't stand the weight of the world upon my shoulders. It seemed like what everyone else wanted was more important than what I needed.


Everything changed when I decided to become the kind of woman who gets what she wants and feels zero guilt about it.



Was the first thing I thought when I realized that I could demand what I wanted without having to yell, dole out ultimatums, or even say anything.


I could show up in a way in which the people around me WANTED to fully support me.


Wha?! What kind of Black Magic Sorcery is that? It's not. It's the energy I give off. I am the Lioness. I have needs and they get to get met. And I don't need to play "silent treatment" games or take away sex to get what I want. I get to have it all and so do you.


🔥 Go from feeling like you have to do it all to being the kind of woman who is fully supported by the people around her.

🔥 Take all of that resentment and anger you have inside and release it so that you can feel at peace.

🔥 Go from being the kind of woman who harbored a tremendous amount of guilt to being the Lioness who shan't apologize for having needs and demanding they get met.

🔥 Transform from the kind of woman who took what they gave into the kind of woman who knows what she wants and expects to receive it