Are you feeling a bit like a deer in headlights right now?

Your mind is spinning.


Your chest is tight.

Are you checking social media every 3.2 seconds?

Nothing is new but you anxiously scroll anyways, right?

You think it will help you "mentally check out" but it does quite the opposite.

What the actual fuck?

Don't you just want to scream?!

It feels like life is on pause yet simultaneously slipping by minute after minute, hour after hour, episode after episode of whatever Netflix show you are watching. 

You want to make the best use of this time but you are so damn fearful that your energy is zapped.

You feel like you should be doing something, but you don't know what.

Or where to start.


Or how to start.

Or how to keep doing it in the face of fear.

All of this makes sense and here is why...

You need to process this, but you aren't.

You are subconsciously avoiding your thoughts and feelings because they feel overwhelming.

Your brain is putting them up on a shelf and saying, "I'll deal with that shit later."

But here is the truth, later never comes.

And now you've got the nasty habit of evading your needs.

Bypassing your feelings does not make them go away. 

So you eat, scroll, and wait.

Which makes it worse because now you are doing things you don't want to be doing, feeling things you don't want to be feeling, and you don't know how to stop it.

It's like a cancer. If left untreated, it takes over.

When the truth is this...

While there is much you can't control right now, there is a lot that you can.

And when you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings you have the power to change them.

You can create a sense of safety and control, even right now.

Can you believe that? It's true.


I live it every day. I choose the highest expression of myself over and over again even in the face of uncertainty I have faith, feel safe, and am productive and peaceful.

You get to feel as safe and sane.

You can show up like the bad mamma jamma you are, right here, right now...


for you, for your family, in this moment and after.

This experience has the power to be the firm foundation of your character as a leader.

This is your opportunity to step the fuck up and into who you are meant to be.


Fear is a wildly inaccurate time machine.

Think about it. When you fear something you are placing yourself in the future and imagining what you might experience.

It's always the worst of the worst if you let your "thinking mind" get the best of you.

You subconsciously commit to the possibility of your inaccurate predictions.


So much so that you don't even need to think about it anymore in order to feel the feelings of fear.


You might be cooking dinner, but you're in fear.


You might be scrolling Instagram, but you're in fear.


You could be watching a movie with your family, but you're in fear.

It surrounds you.

It consumes you.

It weighs you down even when you can't pinpoint the specificity of the fear.

That, my lovely Bad Bitch, is the fear of uncertainty.

When factually speaking all things are uncertain.

You've normalized daily dangers that have a higher likelihood of taking you out.

You've neutralized those fears by continually surviving them and your brain put them in the "no-shit circular file."


This experience is new, not just the virus itself, but the change in work schedule, your family is home, and, with so much love, you are used to someone telling you what you are supposed to be doing.

So much uncertainty to work through and process, none of which can happen when you are in fear.

It's a bit like regret. With regret, you argue with the past even though you can't change it.

Fear is arguing with a future even though it hasn't even happened.


Then why do we have fear if it sucks so bad?

There is one use for fear and that is pragmatism.

In this case, it would be, washing your hands, staying in your home, wiping things down with Clorox, getting fresh air, exercise, sleep, standing 6 feet away from others, drink plenty of water, a positive attitude, and eating whole foods.

That's it. Those are the controllables.

Then fear has served its purpose and you can kindly tell it to fuck off.

But that's why you are reading this right now... because you can't let the fear fall away.


The fear has gotten a hold of you.


Yeah, that happens when you're overstimulated with screens and things and you don't have the tools you need because you didn't realize fear was optional.

Don't worry, there was a time in which I didn't realize it either.

But I know now and I'd love to spend the next 6 weeks sharing the secrets to Fortitude with you.



Perhaps a risking thing to say, but I say those things...


now is an opportunity.


Certainly, I am not negating the pain, the seriousness...shit has gotten REAL. I fucking know this.

But again, the only things we have power over are the "controllables" [like hand washing and eating well] and then there is our experience.

Like you, I have been through some shit and that is the only time I truly learn anything of great value.

Easy times don't teach much.

Right now, today is your opportunity to be fully immersed in Fortitude and experience peace, control, and calm like you never have before.

You will get more done in little time and with little energy.

You will be in flow and present.

You won't regret the use of this time.

With the tools and support I provide you, you will come out the other side of this badder than you ever thought possible.



🔑 Getting clear on what you are thinking and feeling right now so that you can process this experience and show up with fortitude [and a well mapped out plan on how to do that daily]

🔑 Building a self-generating inner peace that isn't contingent upon life going smoothly

🔑 Unlocking energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck in the fear cycle

🔑 Techniques that quiet the thinking mind, including breath-work and meditation so that you will feel armed with the tools that keep you empowered and in control

🔑 Melissa's morning practices for raising your energetic expectations

🔑 The secret weapon the world's most successful people know about calling in more of what they want

🔑 How to take action from a place of expansion and invigoration vs. exhaustion and overwhelm


🔑 The simple trick to show up as the highest expression of yourself so that you can always choose action that will move the needle in the right direction

🔑 How to effectively communicate your needs to the people in your life without having to yell about it

Fortitude Begins on March 30th but pre-work is dropping this week




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Now more than ever these tools will become necessary.


Melissa is a mind reader. Everything I have heard is so deep but practical + acceptable. Love this.


Her stories are relatable + I've found myself in many of the scenarios she's described.


She always seems to know what I need + helps push me to go further!


The way she talks, the advice, it's actually so accurate! I am just in awe of her!

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