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Fast Track: The First 10 lbs., a 30-Day Bulletproof Commitment to Fat Loss

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  • Commit to losing your first 10 lbs. with Melissa's guidance

  • Receive 30-day access to Melissa's secret group container

  • Get coached by Melissa via weekly video calls

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✔️ Do you feel overwhelmed about losing weight?

✔️ Do you feel like you have such a long way to go and you get easily discouraged?

✔️ But you are sick of putting this off.

✔️ And you know the longer you wait the more you are likely to gain.

✔️ You want to feel comfortable wearing anything damn thing you want, right?

✔️ You are sick of feeling so tired. You want to have more energy.

✔️ Do you want to not care what other people think?

✔️ Are you ready to feel confident again?

Then you are a perfect fit for Fast Track, a secret program designed to fully support you in losing your first 10 lbs and beyond.

Find yourself losing the same 10 lbs over + over again because you've made the common mistake of thinking weight loss is JUST about what you eat or rather what you don't? 

If you want to lose weight + keep it off, it's absolutely mandatory that you start treating weight loss as less of a diet + more like becoming the woman you know you are meant to be.

This includes managing the thoughts that tell you "fuck this" when things get hard, learning how to create great tasting food in minutes, building a lean sexy body by lifting weights + harnessing the power of neuroscience to hold it all together.

This isn't "pretending to be fit + healthy" this is you dropping into the next-level version of yourself.

+ NO, you don't need to be perfect to lose your first 10 lbs.


w/ The First 10 lbs Program

"This is literally the best investment I've made in a long time. The pounds + inches I lost speak for themselves."

- Jennifer, Paralegal

[Click to Listen to Jennifer]


and in this secret fast track live program, I'm sharing my method so that you can lose your first 10 lbs in 30 days at home + w/ zero guesswork.

Life after Fast Track means:

✔️ Being fully intuned w/ what foods keep you feeling full while continuing to lose stubborn pounds

✔️ A firm foundation [+ booty] that burns a ton of calories naturally through strength training 

✔️ The confidence in knowing that you've got the tools to continue choosing high-vibe thoughts

✔️ Well ingrained habits that have increased your energetic expectations 

The First 10 lbs is the exact method I used...

I lost 60 lbs +

have kept it off for over 6 years.

I didn't realize it at the time, but my final weight loss journey was destined for success because I went about it radically different

The 20 + diets I tried before were solely focused around restriction + cardio. I could last a few weeks, but would inedibility give in as that shit was super hard.


I was trying to act like a different woman, but I didn't feel different on the inside. The hours in between cardio were spent thinking about all the foods I couldn't eat + beating myself up for not having the ability to NOT think about all the foods I wanted to eat.

Back in 2013, I chose REAL weight loss. I stopped worry about starving myself + started looking for ways to each MORE food. I stopped my cardio burn mentality + shifted to getting stronger. I dug deep into mindset work + the power of neuroscience. I changed my life + THIS is the exact method I am sharing in The First 10 lbs, a 30 Day Bulletproof Commitment to Fat Loss.

How it works:

If you choose to accept your place in Fast Track, you will...

⭐️ Receive access to the Fast Track Group Container for 30 days, starting  March 19th

⭐️ Your Goal Setting Training will happen on March 19th [recording available]

⭐️ Meal Plans and At-Home Fitness Programs will drop on March 19th

⭐️ Official "diet" start date is Monday, March 23rd

⭐️ Weigh-ins every Friday

⭐️ The first weekly video coaching call with Melissa will take place on March 24th

⭐️ Receive support from Melissa and her team

⭐️ Receive lifetime access to all materials to reuse

⭐️ Receive tons of weight loss mindset support via trainings and journaling prompts

⭐️ Lose your first 10 lbs. in 30 days

⭐️ Provide Team Melissa with a testimonial

Simple as that! You in?

This offer and this pricing is not available outside of this invitation.

So why my program + why now?

I am a mindreader. 🦸‍♀️

Yup, it's my superpower. Everyone knows that superheroes get their power after some catastrophic event like exposure to too much radiation or a bite from a magical creature. My obesity combine w/ my addiction almost brought me to my knees, but I fought back hard + was rewarded w/ my psychic abilities. 

Surely you know I'm fucking around, but woman are always leaving podcast reviews like this...


Melissa is a mind reader. Everything I have hear is so deep but practical + acceptable. Love this.


Her stories are relatable + I've found myself in many of the scenarios she's described.


She always seems to know what I need + helps push me to go further!


The way she talks, the advice, it's actually so accurate! I am just in awe of her!

I know what it's like to hate your body. I know what it's like to feel so overwhelmed that you don't know where to start. I know what it's like to not be blessed w/ a size 2 Instagram Fitness Model Body. I know what it's like to want to eat the things when you get upset or bored or mad. I get you + I've created The First 10 lbs to solve those problems.