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Are you ready for something completely different?


Are you ready to be seen, heard, and never passed by?

Do you want to be confident, secure in who you are, and give zero fucks what anyone else thinks?

Are you ready to raise your standards for yourself and become more discerning when it comes to who else receives your energy?

Do you desire the kind of grit it takes to create the body you can be proud of?

Are you ready to emit the kind of energy that turns heads and lights up rooms?

Are you ready to get better, hotter, and sexier with age?

Are you ready to confidently set, keep, and achieve any goal you desire?

Are you ready to become the Bad Bitch you were always meant to be?

Bad Bitch Academy is the solution.

It's the high-level membership program where you are personally guided through curriculum designed to create certified smoking hot Bad Bitches.

It teaches...

  • Setting, Keeping, Achieving Goals

  • Raising Energetic Expectations

  • Efficiency & Expansion 

  • Eating Better

  • Drinking Less Alcohol

  • Consistently Taking Action

  • Releasing the Need to People Please

  • Unapologetically Amping Up Your Sexy 

  • Letting Go of Resentment & Choosing Forgiveness

  • Grit

  • Fortitude

  • Confidence

The Academy is an all-inclusive certification program where students receive a combination of printable coursework, twice-weekly live coaching, and are required to participate.


Are you ready to become a Certified Bad Bitch?


Bad Bitch is a state of mind. It's about shrinking your waistline while raising your standards. 

Bad Bitches have grit, tenacity, and are resilient AF.

They mean what they say and say what they mean.

They are fast, efficient, and sharp as tacks.

Their commitment to self-mastery is ever-evolving and unwavering.

Bad Bitches aren't born, they are created.

Melissa Ronda is a certified nutritionist, life coach, and host of the top 50 Apple Nutrition Podcast, Bad Bitches Losing Weight where she has been helping women end the weight loss battle for over 6 years. 


Melissa spent a large part of her life obese and even addicted to prescription pain medication so she knows what it is like to struggle.  At age 35, Melissa turned her life around when she dropped by bad habits, limiting beliefs, and 60 pounds of fat.


Now Melissa is the foremost thought leader in REAL weight loss, published author, expert speaker, and transformational coach who helps women do the same.


In the fall of 2020, Melissa’s first book, The Bad Bitches Guide to REAL Weight Loss is scheduled to publish.

Are you ready to drop the stories that you don't get to have, be, achieve, receive, believe, look, and feel the way you want?

Then the Academy is for YOU.

What you get with your enrollment:

💋 Monthly Bad Bitchery Curriculum with certification upon completion 

💋 Twice Weekly Live Coaching Calls

💋 Daily Accountability

💋 Melissa's High-Level Support, you will be called out if you are a no-show

💋 Challenges and Contests to Keep You Motivated and Inspired with Friendly Competition

💋 Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Success Planning so you know exactly what to do and when

💋 Private Group Container

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Become part of a coven of Bad Bitches who are obsessed with self-mastery.