Do you ever feel like you keep saying you want to lose weight, but you can't seem to get started?


You know you would be happier if you got the weight off, but for some reason you are paralyzed.


It's at the point now that if you don't do something about it, you know that you will wave your white flag and just give up on your dreams of ever feeling comfortable in your body.

You have dangerous thoughts like, "This is just what happens after you hit 40" or "Maybe this is just the way I am supposed to be even though I'm unhappy".

I want you to know that I see you.  I get it.  There is nothing wrong with you.  There are millions of women out there just like you.  This is exactly why I created "Do the Damn Thing".  I see so many of you struggling to get motivated and stay consistent.  Without any traction, your plans fall flat.  You are so damn frustrated and quit.  It has to stop - now!

"Do the Damn Thing" has the power to change everything and I'm not saying that lightly.  When implemented, this program will continue to create radical shifts in you life for years to come.



Getting really fucking clear on what you want and what you don't

Creating a strategic 30 day weight loss plan that you can actually implement with your lifestyle

Unlocking mindset blocks that have been keeping you stuck right where you are

Uncovering your fear of failure and/or your fear of success and understanding how they are keeping you massively unhappy with your life

Letting go of regret and focusing on losing the weight "this time", the last time


Let's be honest, you don't fail at diets because you don't know what to do, right? 


They tell you exactly what to eat and how to workout, but yet you don't stick with it.  One reason IS because they are starving you and making you workout too hard, but there is another giant piece to this weight loss puzzle.  Unlocking what has been holding you back from true happiness and learning to manage those defeating thoughts ARE the key to lasting weight loss without the struggle.

This is no #basicbitch diet.  This is beyond a diet.  This is life-changing shit. This is how Bad Bitches are made.


Lesson One: WTF Do I Really Want?

Get clear on what you want to focus on over the next 30 days and more importantly, what you don't want to make time for.  Often I see women give away a lot of their time and energy to others leaving very little room for their own needs and wants.  This is why clarity is top priority.

By the end of this lesson, you will have a clear understanding of your weight loss goals during the program and a list of bullshit you are no longer available for. 

Lesson Three: Fuck Fear and Regret

Fear, worry, and regret are completely unnecessary.  I totally get that they feel mandatory, but they aren't.  They are holding you back from going after what you really want.  Have you ever avoided losing weight because you are scared that you won't be able to keep the weight off?  Yeah, think about that.  Your fear is stopping you from going for it.  Fear, worry, and regret are so fucking dangerous. 


This course is going to help you analyze how fear and regret are affecting your life, identify when you are letting your fears run the show, and give you the tools to manage them so you can finally go after lasting weight loss.

You'll be very excited to know this...

The courses will be delivered live in a private Facebook group, June 10th through June 14th, where you can join in live or view the replay in the "Do The Damn Thing" Vault in which you will have lifetime access to. 

Each course will come with printable coursework that includes mindset "homework" and a daily weight loss planner + mindset tracking.  It's perfect for printing and putting in a 3-ring binder.  You can reprint the planner and repeat month after month on your own.


You receive access to me via the private Facebook community starting June 10th through July 8th.  Just tag me and I'm available to answer any of your questions Monday through Friday.

Lesson Two: Time Management

Now that you are clear on your weight loss focus for the month, a Time Audit is in order.  Once you see where your time goes, you can decide what changes you would like to make in order to align your actions with your goals. 


This Time Management Lesson will guide you to deciding what you want to do with your time in a very deliberate way.  This includes creating an action plan with doable daily tasks that will help you reach your weight loss (and life) goals.  

Lesson Four: Everything You Need to Know About Weight Loss Mindset

I cannot hammer this home enough...thoughts create feelings, which cause you to act, and thus creates your result.  If you do not learn to manage your thoughts, you will be left an emotional wreck. The above is the exact reason most women can start a diet, but can't see the new lifestyle through.  

In this lesson you will learn how to manage your thoughts and create a healthy mindset, which will lead to lasting weight loss.

Bonus for Joining...

When you lock in a spot in "Do The Damn Thing", you receive a complimentary month of Evolve, my monthly membership community. 


Inside Evolve you will receive a monthly strength training program, meal prep cookbook, printable meal planners, food diaries, recipes, mindset work, and additional support via the community.

You will have all the tools you need to "Do The Damn Thing" and lose the weight (and drama) for good.


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I get that you may think weight loss is about what you eat and how you move your body because that's what you have been sold by the diet industry.  Those basic diets are only addressing 20% of the weight loss puzzle.  You've done it their way ten times over and you've gotten the same result which leaves you still needing/wanting to lose that friggin weight!  This is exactly why you are on this page right now.  Quit doing different iterations of the same diets - over and over again.  They are never going to serve you the way "Do The Damn Thing" will.  I 100% know that.