Learn how to turn off your cravings for unhealthy foods and drink so that you can end the cycle that holds you back from your next-level self.

It's time to close the gap.

It's time to break free.

It's time to move on and past this, for good.

It's time for The New Standard.

By the end of this 5 day immersion, you will have:

✔ Decoded the complex "layering of cravings" that traditional diets left

✔ Uncovered the anatomy of cravings and began implementing a simple, yet critical component, of disarming your urges 

✔ Learned tools to release the tension and anxious feelings associated with cravings 

✔ Created momentum & gained control

✔ Activated confidence

✔ Raised your energetic standard around food


"What am I getting when I invest?"

Gain access to a supportive community where Melissa will deliver a live one and a half hour long masterclass with workbook.

You also gain week-long access to the accountability community for support in executing what you've learned. 

"When does the masterclass take place?"

The date and time has not yet been annouced.

"What if I can't make the masterclass date and time?"

This will be recorded for lifetime access so that you can come back to this work whenever you need it.


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