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4 Day Self-Paced Course Design to Cultivate Rock-Solid Confidence 


⚡️ Are you embarrassed that you will look stupid trying something new?

⚡️ Do you let the fear of what other people think of you hold you back from fully expressing yourself?

⚡️ Are you surrounded by judgy assholes who make you feel self-conscious?

⚡️ Do you wish that you didn't care what other people think of you, but you do?


ME TOO - yup I have been there.

I used to care WAY TOO MUCH about what people thought of me. I was so self-conscious about my weight, my upbringing, and even the hard-core Southside Chicago accent. It held me back for a long time. It kept me in an unhappy marriage, an unfulfilling career, and out of shape. I couldn't finish a damn thing I started, not a home decorating project, not organizing stacks of random paperwork, and definitely not my diet. It's no wonder I struggled with confidence, I couldn't even trust myself to do what I said I was going to do.

It all changed when I learned the secret to confidence. Now I experience a very confident reality. Certified, full-blown, Bad Bitch Vibes.

Here is the thing, confidence isn't something that you are either born with or you aren't. You must grow confidence by changing your thoughts. And the black magic is this, once you learn how to think confident thoughts, you naturally take confident action, and get results.

By the end of this breakthrough 4 part video course on confidence, you will feel fully confident that you've got the skills to continue to cultivate continually confidence. It will keep getting better and better.


Self-Paced Course Includes:

  • Over 2 1/2 hours of soul-lead video trainings that include all of my experience and knowledge on all that creates rock-solid confidence.

  • 4 sets of journaling prompts designed to reach inside your gut and birth your confident-self into the universe so that you can bless us all with your excellence.


Gain immediate and life-time access.


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Video #1with Journaling Prompts:

Where Confidence Comes From

Discover where confidence comes from and the difference between being an arrogant asshole and a confident self-assured Bad Bitch.

Video #2 with Journaling Prompts:

Thinking Confident Thoughts

Thinking [and believing] thoughts that create confidence is a learned skill and in this module, I am going to show you exactly how to do that.

Video #3 with Journaling Prompts:

Showing Up with Confidence

In this module, you will learn how to take those confident thoughts and apply them even when your brain goes into hyper-problem-solving mode [aka spinning aka nothing at all]

Video #4 with Journaling Prompts:

Cultivating Confidence

Now that you are thinking and feeling more confident than you ever have before, you can use that as momentum to get out there and confidently do more while giving zero fucks as to what anyone else thinks about it.


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