Magic doesn't just happen, you must call it in.


Are you ready to make 2020 the motherfucking year you win?



Join my live in

Chicago, Illinois

on January 17th - 19th



Where did 2019 go? You swore up + down it was going to be your year of massive weight loss transformation, but whatever, no sense is sitting in a salty pool of tears. Regret is a waste of energy + you ain't got time for that.

But, if you are feeling bummed about the way this year has turned out or you motherfucking know you left vital growth just sitting on the table, you'd be a certifiable asshat to let another year slip through your fingers... + 2020 no less! A whole new decade.

Join me in-person at Bad Bitch 2020, let's call in some magic + create your step-by-step plan to transform into the woman you've always known you were meant to be.

The Amazing Transformation

Step right upget ready to witness a transformation so powerful, you won't believe your eyes.


Because you are about to become the woman who knows exactly what she wants + what she needs to do to get there.

Now this isn't like any other event out there, because at Bad Bitch 2020, you will discover Melissa's trademarked framework for lasting weight loss that includes...


Reframing Your Thoughts

Creating Weight Loss Meals with Ease

Accelerating Your Results with Strength Training

Leveraging Your New Habits with the Power of Neuroscience

And how would you like to leave Bad Bitch 2020 a changed woman with totally different vibes?


That's right, with Bad Bitch 2020, not only do you receive a completely customized 6 month weight loss binder, but you will transcend time + space by dropping right into the woman you've always known you were supposed to be.


Isn't that right? You know. You've always known. That is why you are reading this page at this very moment. The stars have aligned, your destiny is waiting, all you need to do is lock in your spot.

WHY #BB2020? 

The magic of in-person events is undeniable. I dreamed of creating a high-touch experience where a next-level woman, such as yourself, makes the decision to step away from her day-to-day trappings so that she can be transported into a supportive environment with the  clear + concise tasks of uncovering blocks, learning empowerment skills, creating a step-by-step plan + absorbing the energy of endless possibilities. I motherfucking know you will leave a changed woman who is fully supported on her journey of self-mastery through weight loss.


for those who want to be fully supported beyond the event by becoming part of my elite coven 

Want to know something fucked up?


I KNOW who is reading this section right now. Crazy, right?

I think about you very specifically. I know what you desire + I know how to get you there + then I simply write to you.


Creepy? Nah, I am simply protecting the energy of the room for January + beyond that.


This isn't going to be for everyone + it's not supposed to be.


But it's exactly what the right women desire + that's all that really matters.

My energy is for women who know they are destined for greatness not for those who are going to shit the bed the second week in.

I'm not available for them, but I am so willingly available for you.

I am going to be spending the first quarter of 2020 with an elite group of women known as the Bad Bitch Society + I want to invite you.

Below you will read the options for Bad Bitch 2020.

You can choose between the Guest Day Pass or the Bad Bitch Society. Take a look at both options + see which is the best fit for you.

If you choose the latter, be sure to plan your travels to Chicago to allow for a Friday afternoon arrival as you are cordially invited to partake in the Bad Bitch Society VIB Dinner on me + pack a set of cute pajamas as you are invited to my suite on Saturday night for an exclusive PJ Party. On Sunday, I'll treat you to breakfast as we chat about the upcoming months together + all of the epic change in store for you.


"Couldn't I just do this on my own?"

I mean, maybe you could. There is a lot of information available all of the world wide web. But you + I both know that a lack of healthy recipes is not the thing holding you back from weight loss. If you want to do it right, let's do this damn thing.

The Schedule