Are you ready to discover that missing link?


Are you ready to get to the bottom of why you can't stay motivated?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you want more but are confused about what it is?

Are you ready to focus on yourself for what feels like the first time ever but don't know how to where to start?

Are you ready to cut ties with all of the baggage that has been holding you down?

Are you ready for your come up, your reinvention of self, your do-over?

Do you want to emit the smoking hot confidence that lights up a room and turns heads?

Are you ready to get better, hotter, and sexier with age?

Bad Lab is the answer.

It's the high-level private 3-month VIB intensive where you are personally guided through curriculum designed to create, set, keep, and achieve your wildest dreams.

No more living small and being quiet. It's time to get Bad!

Together we will...

  • Identify your goals

  • Create a crystal clear vision of your future

  • Craft empowering beliefs

  • Release bullshit that is no longer serving your highest self

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate excuses, procrastination, and fear

  • Create a detailed plan for daily massive action

The Bad Lab is an all-inclusive 3-month VIB private high-level intensive where clients receive a combination of printable coursework, twice-weekly private video coaching call, Voxer [walkie talkie] support, and unlimited access to Bad Bitchery content needed to create your baddest self.

"Shouldn't I already know what I want?"


Short answer, no.

Long answer, if you knew what you really wanted, you wouldn't even be reading this page right now.


You aren't unmotivated, you are uninspired.

The idea of losing a few pounds isn't sexy enough for you. You desire more. A lot more. And once you gain clarity on what that is & the life it's going to give you, you will become unstoppable.

Bad Bitches aren't born, they are created.

Melissa Ronda is a life coach, and host of the top 50 Apple Nutrition Podcast, Bad Bitches Losing Weight where she has been helping women end the weight loss battle for over 6 years. 


Melissa spent a large part of her life obese and even addicted to prescription pain medication so she knows what it is like to struggle.  At age 35, Melissa turned her life around when she dropped by bad habits, limiting beliefs, and 60 pounds of fat.


Now Melissa is the foremost thought leader in REAL weight loss, published author, expert speaker, and transformational coach who helps women do the same.

Are you ready to be my VIB Bad Bitch and feel fully supported in creating your dream life?

Then the Bad Lab is for you.

What you get with your enrollment:

💋 3-Month Private Coaching with Melissa

💋 Twice Weekly Private Curriculum-Driven Video Coaching Calls with Melissa

💋 Gorgeous Bad Lab 3-Month Master Plan Binder

💋 Melissa's High-Level Support, you will be called out if you are a no-show

💋 Voxer Walkie-Talkie Private Coaching Support with Melissa

💋 Access to all pertinent content needed to create your baddest self including but not limited to meal plans, fitness programs, mindset trainings.

We have but one life, my lovely Bad Bitch.

Let's raise hell together.