Melissa don't give a fuck...

about following the so-called rules of the weight loss industry. They are contrived, predictable, cyclical, and basic. And they have a whopping 5% success rate to prove it. 


But I'll tell you what I do care about, helping you become that woman that you know you are motherfucking meant to be.

I mean, that is why you are here, right?

There is a gap between the way you are showing up and the way you desire to show up. You find yourself in patterns of auto-pilot eating and, while you can see it happening, you can't seem to stop. It's only afterward that you ask yourself, "Why the fuck didn't I stop?"

I 100% get it.

Diets have done you dirty, my lovely Bad Bitch, it's time for next-level weight loss.

Q: "Where shall I start, my new best friend?"

A: Good question, lover. It depends.


If you are ready to be fully immersed in my wildly popular program, The REAL Weight Loss Program and get coached by me directly, you'll want to start here.  

If you aren't ready to commit, Losing Weight Easily is a great place to dabble in all that is weight loss Bad Bitchery. And, at a $27 price point, it's a 100% no-brainer. Click here to gain instant and lifetime access.

Another option is to check out my full product suite where I am always creating my best work for you. Click here to check it out.

Q: "What if I'm not sure where to start?"

A: No worries. See that "Let's Chat" Box off the right? Send my team a message and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Q: "I'm actually not looking for support. I'd like to be considered as a guest expert on the Bad Bitches Losing Weight Podcast."

A: Alrighty. I'll play, but be fair warned, bad pitches get ditches. IDK if you've noticed, but my audience is full of some pretty Bad Bitches with high standards and I've got to keep them happy or they will riot. Send your pitch here: team@melissaronda.com.

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