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Melissa Ronda is a certified nutritionist, life coach, and host of the top 50 Apple Nutrition Podcast, Bad Bitches Losing Weight where she has been helping women end the weight loss battle for over 6 years. 


Melissa spent a large part of her life obese and even addicted to prescription pain medication so she knows what it is like to struggle.  At age 35, Melissa turned her life around when she dropped by bad habits, limiting beliefs, and 60 pounds of fat.


Now Melissa is the foremost thought leader in REAL weight loss, published author, expert speaker, and transformational coach who helps women do the same.


In the fall of 2020, Melissa’s first book, The Bad Bitches Guide to REAL Weight Loss is scheduled to publish.

Are you ready to ignite your metabolism and become more healthy, confident, and happy? The First 10 lbs., a 30-Day Bulletproof Commitment to Fat Loss is the perfect place to start. 



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