.....which I'm guessing you already know that since you're probably a die-hard next-level cult-like fan of the Bad Bitches Losing Weight Podcast.

[Not in a Manson Family way more like the Kanye cult way]

Right now we are celebrating the Bad Bitches Losing Weight Podcast climbing the motherf*cking charts faster than an Ariana Grande song.


When I received the news; we were ranked #43 in the US.

- so it is + so it shall be -

I simply must release a $43 weight loss program......

When Basic Bitch Diets Won't Do

a 3 Part Video Series on All the Things You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Weight Loss

"Who is this program for, Melissa?"

Good Question, girl....

This $43 program is perfect for the woman who keeps getting caught up in stories.


She has either started a diet that quickly fizzles, she is at a plateau, or she hasn't given it a go in quite some time.

She thinks,

"I feel like it's too late for me. I've let it get too bad."

She feel anxious,

"There is just so much crap out there. I literally have no clue what to eat anymore."

She is discouraged,

"Is there something wrong with me? It must be me, right?"

Little does she know, there is nothing wrong with her. She is perfect. Her only problem is that she didn't know what she didn't know


+ that's total okay because When Basic Bitches Diets Won't Do covers all dat shit. #solutions

I bringeth forth for your consideration


>>> Learn the simple structure of weight loss meals that will keep you feeling full in between meals while avoiding 3pm cravings + nighttime binging. [that word is the action of binge, isn't that weird? I would think it's bingeing but it's not LOL anyways!]

>>> Discover why portion control isn't really an issue when you are eating "right"+ what to shift your focus to because life is hard enough, you don't need to spend the rest of your days weighing corn.

>>> Happy people create happy bodies. Learn how to shift your shitty disempowering thoughts that are literally serving no one.  Know they are optional + this course will provide you with strategies to mitigate the damage done by that negative Nelly that feeds off of your insides.

>>> Know that rhythm + routine are KEY at this point in your journey. This course will help you operate from a place of intention + PRO-action vs. reaction.


+ other things wise old people say....

But really tho, I wish I had "a me" when I started on my 60 lbs. weight loss journey [aka my total life overhaul]. No one, like NO ONE was talking about the coloration between co-dependency + obesity + addiction at that time. Hell, most still aren’t. The Bad Bitches Losing Weight Podcast is climbing the charts because I see weight loss vastly different than most other nutritionists. Every mainstream diet is all about what you eat, or rather... what you can't eat. I felt like something was wrong with me, like I was off...unusual...broken. No one told me that I was creating my own terrible world with the micro-choices I subconsciously made for self preservation.  I turned to food, alcohol, + drugs to sooth me. If I only knew then what I know now, I could have avoided so much pain, but hell, in a f*cked up way, I’m happy I took the hard route because I get to share some of my experiences with you in When Basic Bitch Diets Won’t Do.



video number uno

Forgive to Move Forward

Release all the sh*t that isn't serving you. It's holding you down. Letting go of resentment towards others + frankly, yourself, is the exact first step that must occur. This is all easier said than done because we LOVE our stories...they keep us "safe" but we all know you aren't "safe" you are unhappy. That being said, I'll share a personal story because I want you to get that even I have stories. EVERYONE does, but that is no reason to hold onto it forever if it's not truly serving you.


video number dos

Thinking Weight Loss Thoughts + Practical Stuff

I've said it a million trillion times, YOU get to decide what you want to think. No matter what you've been through, you get to decide. You are the one in charge of yourself at all times. Again, easier said than done + that is why I'm talking you through it in this module with journaling prompts that encourage new powerful thoughts that have you in the driver seat + losing massive amounts of weight. 

Plus, I'm going to hit you up with the practical stuff too.  Learn why I rarely use the food scale, but with one exception. Learn my simple approach to creating meals that keep you feeling full + reduces cravings.


video number tres

The Food that Fuels Willpower

All about the willpowers!!! You must know that resistance is futile. You must become frenemies with your urges. I've got a great way to make this easy + fun. I promise this doesn't need to be such serious work here.


Plus, we are going to chat about more of the practical stuff here. There are certain ways you are eating right now that are making your urges so much stronger than they need to be. The neuroscience of willpower is 50% habits + 50% function. You must address both in order to slay dat sh*t. Don't worry. I gotchew.









Grrrlll! YASS!!! You are going to <3 this. Let's get started.

"On Tuesdays + Fridays we listen to Bad Bitches Losing Weight" [+ wear pink]