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Meet Melissa 

Top-15 Weight Loss Podcaster, High-Vibe Weight Loss Mentor

Since overcoming her addictions, obesity, toxic relationships, and poverty, Melissa has been obsessed with helping women who "haven't had it easy" turn their adversity into their biggest asset in creating extraordinary lives, bodies, and financial freedom on their own terms.

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The Musings and Manifestations Practices for ambitious women building extraordinary lives and banging bodies.

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"This has been the most transformative experience of my life! Both painful and beautiful all at the same time. I feel free. and untethered to old beliefs that were holding me back. I feel unstoppable!"

Julie Z. - Santa Barbara

"Damn you, Melissa Ronda! You got me. Before this, I knew something was off in my life but I couldn't figure it out. I feel so powerful now."

Sherry A. - Atlanta

"Everything that held me back in the past is no longer. Through this work, I have learned that I hold the keys to my happiness and success. I am so grateful for this time together."

Erin W. - Arlington


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